Be healthy

If you are ignoring your spiritual health, be careful, because you are neglecting a critical aspect of your health in general.  The amount of information taught to medical doctors is immense, but historically, a physician´s training leaves out one essential element regarding healthy living – our spiritual health.  Medical education takes a more holistic approach these days, but there is still a great taboo surrounding talk about religious matters.  Many suffer unnecessarily as a result.

To easier understand human complexity we can divide it up. Humans are biologic, psychosocial, and spiritual creatures. We have bones, muscles, blood, etc.; these comprise our biology.  We express emotions, harbor fears and feel desire while interacting with others thus making us psychosocial.  Lastly, we seek a higher being or an eternal truth - this is our spiritual side.  This third part sets us apart from other animals. Only humans seek God.

Obviously there is a lot of overlap.  For example, we see the grieving spouse fall seriously ill and even die when left widowed. Here the psychological invades the biological realm to the point of stopping all cellular activity; quite literally, a broken heart.

In the Christian faith, spiritual health is cultivating and maintaining a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Other faiths use other terminology, but the end is essentially the same – actively seeking God leads to spiritual health.

Your spiritual health can aid your physical and psychological well being, but not vice versa.  Many people are biologically healthy, but can carry serious spiritual difficulties.  Even with all their knowledge and ability, some psychologists carry a tremendous emptiness inside.  However, a person always benefits both physically and psychologically from spiritual stability.  If one has a stubborn medical problem, the key to healing might be restoring one´s relationship with God.  On the other hand, if one has had a serious break with God, no amount of antibiotics will resolve the issue.

Disorders of a spiritual nature require spiritual remedies and exercise or diet can not provide a cure.  Psychological counseling might bring palliative relief, but true healing requires spiritual methods such as prayer or the laying on of hands.  Again, these methods, applied with faith can sometimes even cure biological and psychological problems.  We will always reap rewards when we dedicate time learning how to be spiritually healthy.

Perhaps the greatest proof is when we reach the end of our rope, when all hope is lost; this is when we turn to God.  We return to the bedrock and source of our strength as human beings.