A Simple Silicone Watch

I have been in the market for a new watch for quite a while now, and I'm somewhat intrigued by silicone watches.  I used to wear a watch every day.  I got a nice Fossil watch as a gift may years ago, and before that I had silver Guess watch.  Both were great and I got a lot of use out of them.  However, when the battery in my Fossil watch died, I didn't rush to go out and get it replaced.  Honestly, I never ended up replacing it at all.  It's still sitting in one of my dresser drawers.  
I'm not really sure what happened, but I grew tired of wearing regular watches.  A lot of them look the same, feel the same, and I was looking for something different.  That's why I became interested in buying a silicone watch, which led me to the Splash Watch.

The Splash Watch is a rubber watch that fits over your hand and onto your wrist.  There isn't a watch band like you clip/un-clip, you just slide the watch on.  It's the complete opposite of the watches I used to wear.  It was also exactly what I was looking for.  They're made of 100% latex-free silicone and they're water-resistant up to 10 meters.  They also come in three sizes (small, medium, large) and many different colors (white, black, green, blue, purple, pink and orange).

This silicone Watch is listed at $1.99 on Amazon.com, so if you decide to buy it, you're hopefully not expecting the highest quality product.  I've had mine for 7 months now and still wear it every day.  It is hard to change the time on the watch.  You have to take something like a toothpick or the point of a pen, and use that in the small opening on the back of the watch to change the time.  It worked well in the begging, but it's become more difficult as time goes on.  Who knows, maybe I messed something up in my many attempts to change the time.  It also runs a little fast.  A couple weeks after I changed the time, I noticed it was about 5 minutes fast.  Based on the price, I figured there'd be some issues.  

The Splash Watch is basically a cheap alternative to regular watches, which would be a good idea for kids, who are more likely to use or damage their watch.  For me, I just wanted a cheap alternative to a regular watch.  I was tired of worrying about scratching or losing my watch, and I got tired of how it felt on my wrist.  The Splash Watch has been a nice alternative, and it's worked relatively well based on the price.  You're basically getting what you pay for.  In the future, I'll probably look for a higher quality athletic watch, but for now I'm happy with what I've got.