If fun in the sun wasn’t enough reason to get the family out to enjoy a day at the water park, maybe a charity event will get you off your couch.  If you are looking for a great place to bring your kids that has a little something for everybody, I recommend checking out Splash Down Park in sunny Tsawwassen BC.   The second Sunday of every August they have a great big charity event with proceeds going to the Make a Wish foundation.

About the Park

Roughly an hour from Vancouver lies an awesome little water park with six full size body slides, two enclosed tube slide and one tube river ride slide.  They also have a volley ball/basketball courts, a snack bar, a children’s slide, a ramp slide, a pool, a children’s splash park and a hot tub for those less adventurous. 

Splashdown Park - Making Wishes Come True

 My Experience

After a twenty year hiatus from Splashdown park, my wife and I decided to head down and check it out on an adventure with YVR Bloggers.  I have so many awesome memories of tube water slides as a kid, so the first thing we did once we arrived was grab Mr. Robin Wong and headed to Big Jim's River Run.  Big Jim's River Run is a 350 foot long river adventure complete with waves and tubes where large groups of people fly down the river enjoying the slide as a group.   This ride instantly brought me back to being a kid with my dad, ripping down the tubes in the adventure of a lifetime.  Next we headed over to the full body slides where we pounded out every slide one by one.  Yup, just as awesome as I remember as a kid.  I spent a little time catching some rays and finished off the afternoon with a blast down the black hole.  This isn’t your standard water slide people!  It is entirely enclosed so every twist and turn is a surprise.  If that isn’t enough, you are on a tube, which makes you go at least twice as fast.

Make A Wish

Having a sister who was lucky enough to use the Make a Wish foundation this is something extremely close to my heart.  The Make a Wish foundation is an amazing charity that lets very sick kids live out their dreams.  Sick kids are able to pick the adventure of a life time and the Make a Wish foundations pays for everything and makes it come true.  The second Sunday of every August, is Make A Wish day at Splash Down Park.  $3 from every admission goes directly to the cause which helps give sick kids the opportunity of a lifetime.  While the event is over this year, it happens on the second Sunday of every August, so make sure to mark your calendars for next year.

If you'd like a little more of a visual experience, check out this great video highlighting all the fun things you can do at Splash Down park.