Is there any dinnerware more fitting for fall, Thanksgiving, and the holidays than Spode Woodland china? It's a charmingly homey earthenware collection featuring beautiful outdoor scenes and wildlife. When the family is together, Spode Woodland is the type of touch that makes a dinner all the more special. In this post, you'll learn more about this quality earthenware, some of the patterns you'll find, and their prices in stores.

Spode Woodland: Pastoral Plates For The Holidays

Spode Woodland 5 Piece PlacesettingThanksgiving. It's a celebration of giving, the bounty of the land, and the people who make everyday just a little bit better than the last. It's a special day that deserves special attention to every detail. And that's where Spode Woodland china shines the brightest.

Spode, a long-rooted English company famous for its quality earthenware, introduced the Spode Woodland series in the 1990s, but the china itself feels antique. The patterns have a nostalgic air, featuring pastoral scenes with some of man's favorite wildlife and domesticated animals. Turkeys, dogs, pheasants, deer, horses, geese, and fish all make appearances on various Spode Woodland styles. These are scenes that showcase the bounty and beauty of nature. They sure feel cozy, making them perfect as tableware for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other fall or winter special occasion.

Spode Woodland 5 Piece Placesetting
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Spode Woodland is often sold in sets, but individual pieces are available as well. In all cases, the china rims are patterned with Spode's famous flower patterns. These are beautiful dishes perfectly matched for beautiful occasions.Spode Woodland Turkey Dinner Plate Yet, they aren't fragile or just for show. This earthenware is created to withstand daily use. It's microwave and dishwasher safe, so your Spode Woodland earthenware is much more functional than other types of special occasion tableware. It's good to know that clean up is a breeze when you are prepping for a big meal.

The Perfect Collectible And A Great Gift

As Spode Woodland comes in so many wildlife patterns, the earthenware is a terrific series to collect or gift to friends and family. You may want the full set of Spode Woodland turkey china for Thanksgiving, but you can mix and match them with other pieces from the collection for special occassions throughout the year. If you've got animal lovers in the family, these dishes are perfect gifts. Especially fun for the dog lovers out there is the Spode Woodland dog selections, featuring some great English hunting scenes. Best of all, none of this earthenware is out of line in terms of price, so you won't break the bank while collecting.

Spode Woodland Prices

Spode Woodland Hunting Dogs Rectangular PlatterSpode china as a whole is moderately priced compared to other earthenware options, and Spode Woodland certainly follows suit A dinner set of five pieces typically runs from $100 to $150. Individual dinner plates normally cost between $30 and $45. You can find four dinner plate sets from $90 to $120. Each Spode Woodland piece, from beverage coasters and gravy boats to soup tureens and serving platters, are available as individual purchases and they run from $15 to $400 depending on their sizes and patterns.

When it's time to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas or another fall or winter special occasion, Spode Woodland is an excellent tableware choice. It adds a specialness to the day and helps make a home feel cozy. It's perfect for the holidays.