Are you looking for SpongeBob party favors?

Given the economy it is always wise to save up, so it's important to get something thoughtful yet affordable.

Besides getting great and affordable SpongeBob party invitations and SpongeBob party supplies, you might want to check out these party favor ideas that cost less than $2 each, and in many cases, even less than a dollar each so your party can stay well within budget.

SpongeBob party favor ideas

SpongeBob Party Favors That Save Your Wallet

7. Sticker Pack and Glitter Stickers

These are high-quality stickers that are individually packed with all the funny and favorite characters. But if you fancy showering loads of stickers in each of the children's loot bags, then you can consider this roll of SpongeBob stickers -- with each sticker costing only $0.06!

To impress the kids, you can get an upgrade with a roll of glitter stickers. They cost just a little bit more but you know how much children love glittering stuff - well worth it in my opinion.

6. SpongeBob Tattoos

These temporary tattoos are great to create loads of fun for both children and grownups. As each of these tattoos cost around $0.1, you can get 10 and you'll still have half the budget to spend.

5. Blowers

These are classic party favors, and for this silly and happy party theme, they are must-haves. If you like, you can use the blowers during the cake ceremony instead of gifts.

4. SpongeBob Bubbles Bottles

These are no ordinary bottles - they are yellow and squared shaped - in other words, just look like SpongeBob! The product is quite new so it could be a relatively unique party favor idea.

3. Pineapple Cup

Now this is a clever use of the SpongeBob theme. The cup has a cheerful pineapple-yellow color. It stands at 6" tall with an attachable straw. Excellent choice if you are holding the party in the summer. It's really cute and you have to see it yourself!

2. SpongeBob Plates

If you are looking for something durable, useful and that the parents will appreciate, then consider this plastic plate that matches with your special party theme. The plate is one of those with 3 sections so kids will love it. Not only that the plate can be used for years to come, it constantly remind your guests of the happy and special celebration.

1. SpongeBob Figures

Well, this is simply perfect for the ultimate fans! The pack comes with an assortment of 35 Sponge, Patrick, and their hilarious friends, each standing 1.5" and with different poses. The surprise is that each of them costs only $0.5! Excellent value for money I have to say.

The photo shots of these SpongeBob party favors can be found here. I hope this will give you an idea on how to pick your goodies in the party favor boxes. Enjoy the party planning and the party yourself!