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So you're thinking of a theme for your child's next birthday party and haven't a clue which one to pick. If your kid has a strange fixation with the yellow sponges in your house, or if he cringes everytime he notices someone eating a lobster at a seafood restaurant, then maybe a SpongeBob SquarePants theme would fit for your child's party. Planning a party with that porous character and his easily recognizable theme song will surely bring tons of smiles at your event. Spongebob is a zany character with crazy friends that even a few adults love to watch. And if you were wondering, there are plenty of ways you can liven up the party by transforming your house into that unique underwater city, Bikini Bottom.

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Comes in all sizes

You can find tons of SpongeBob party supplies in either 8 or 16 pack kits that'll ensure no one is left standing without a SpongeBob paper cup. And SpongeBob balloons, favors and cheap party delights are likewise easy to find. There are SpongeBob costumes for kids and pets alike, but it'd probably be best the only one person wore the costume since on one likes a copycat. Instead, find a Patrick costume so two friends could come as SpongeBob and Patrick. If you plan on having face paint at your party, everyone can choose one of the many wild characters seen on the popular show and have a big role playing game. The birthday boy or girl might want to be the main character himself, but doing a little improv might make the event a bit more interesting.

The Krusty Krab

Cake kits to help you make the perfect SpongeBob cake like a professional are also available. Cake toppers range from SpongeBob falling into the deep ocean to he and his friends in jellyfish fields. There's also one where his pineapple house is featured on top available at Amazon. You can cook sliders and for the kids and call them krabby patties and they'll dig in just like the characters on TV. You could also run to the local bakery and ask for a Krabby Patty cake specially made for the party. The food might be the easiest way to get kids excited since The Krusty Krab is a main setting for the TV show.

SpongeBob games

Some games that could be played include scavenger hunts where you'd hide SpongeBob related material around the house that they'd have to find. They could be figurines of some of the characters and could double as party favors. You'd probably want to include candy and other items to make it a really fun party favor.

It's time to face the music

There are also tons of SpongeBob games available like ones that test your memory and a SpongeBob version of the classic Operation game with Spongebob as the patient. These games might be good for when things are starting to settle down. You can also ask trivia questions to see who has the most knowledge of the character. A SpongeBob version of musical chairs where the theme song of the popular show is sung is another option. And you can provide bubble solution for everyone in order to compete to see who can blow the biggest bubble like in the "Bubble Stand" episode.

Nice name

Another game idea would have you asking the kids to form teams of two and create a funny name for Spongebob like in the "MuscleBob BuffPants" episode. This would be sort of like charades where the kids would have to act out the name they came up with, no words allowed, and whichever team gets the right answer first wins a point. It's really limitless with what you can do when it comes to SpongeBob party games.

Not into Sponges

Spongebob is a fun character to theme a party with. But if your son or daughter isn't a big fan of the character, you could also find cheap Toy Story party supplies so you could plan a party with that theme. It's possible to have fun with the traditional themeless birthday party for your child, but it'd be much more enjoyable for her and her guests if you themed it off her favorite character, whoever it may be.

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