If the cartoon SpongBob Squarepants is regularly gracing your TV, your child may just love a SpongeBob theme party for their next birthday or Halloween! The animated show is super fun and full of antics, making a party about it a blast to pull together. But to get going, you've got to have great looking SpongeBob party supplies. An essentials checklist to help you is below, along with some fun SpongeBob party ideas with them to help make the day special for your little one.

A SpongeBob Theme Party: It's Gonna Rock!

Since 1999, SpongeBob Squarepants has been generating smiles on kids' faces across the globe. Airing on Nickelodeon, the animated series follows the antics of the title character and some of his friends like Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, and Sandy Cheeks in their underwater home of Bikini Bottom. The show features one slapstick adventure after another for the main cast among the city, rocks, and coral of the ocean floor, making it super-fun to watch and a sure-fire win as a theme party for your young one.

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SpongeBob Party Supplies: Your Checklist For Success

What do you need to make your SpongeBob party a reality? Below are some of your party essentials. With these you'll be on track for creating a perfect event for your child and all the kids attending.

SpongeBob invitations

This is no ordinary party you are inviting your child's friends to, so you are going to need to spread the word about its theme well in advance. SpongeBob is immensely popular, and because of it, your party will certainly generate a bit of buzz among the kids when you get the invitations out plenty in advance. Aim for two weeks and watch the excitement build up. Sponge Bob Birthday Party Supplies - Tablecover

A SpongeBob table cover, tableware, and centerpiece

You'll want to decorate your space with items featuring SpongeBob and his friends, especially the food table. It's your main gathering spot, so it should receive its share of the theme limelight. SpongeBob paper plates and cups are a must, but don't forget a cool themed table cover as well. And you can really make the table special with a SpongeBob centerpiece, especially one that features things they can take home with them, like the next item on the list. 

SpongeBob figurines

Figurines of SpongeBob and his friends are an excellent table centerpiece, and they are great party favors for the kids! They'll just love knowing that one (or a few) of those toys will be going home with them come party's end. You can also make a fun treasure hunting game with the SpongeBob figurines to add some interactivity to the party. Just make sure to stock plenty so that you can give some to the kids who may have come up short in the search. 

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Spongebob Squarepants Luau Cake Decorating TopperA SpongeBob cake (or a cake topper)

You've got the table looking great, and you're going to need a cake that tops it all perfectly. If you've got the chops, you can make your own SpongeBob cake, but don't be afraid to go with a cake topper instead. There are some great ones out there, or you could even use figurines to create your own scene on top of the cake! You see how versatile those figurines can be? 

SpongeBob swirls, balloons, and wall stickers

What separates a good theme party from a great one is what you do with the space. Many people leave it to the table and the cake alone, but you can really liven up your home with some excellent SpongeBob decorations. SpongeBob balloons and swirls are excellent, and so are wall stickers. In fact, you can make some very interesting designs using SpongeBob wall stickers - it's the kind of theme party touch that will wow the kids. Don't worry - these stickers won't harm your wallpaper or paint. They're crafted to come off perfectly with just a bit of heat. 

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Midwest Glove SS8K Plastic SpongeBob SquarePants Kids Bucket, Bright YellowSome real seashells and SpongeBob sand pails

SpongeBob and his compadres live at the bottom of the ocean, and you can add some of that ocean-like charm with real-life items. Seashells are a fun choice that again make for excellent party favors. You can use them to decorate all around your party space, and - like the figurines - you can have fun having the kids collect them from around the home using their sand pails. You could even consider keeping the shells after the party and turning them into lovely seashell art for your home. Now that's a party item that serves double duty!

SpongeBob party games and activities

A few styles of treasure hunting games have been mentioned, but make sure you stock up on other fun and interactive activities that the kids can enjoy. You may even want to pick up some SpongeBob board games that they can play during the off-times from the main festivities. Another option is a SpongeBob pull string pinata. The goodies inside offer plenty of fun for the kids - plus it's a great moment to capture on film. The adults will love that part. 

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SpongeBob party favors (like Super Balls)

SpongeBob SquarePants Superballs - Lot of 12

Kids love taking stuff home with them, so load them up with great themed party favors. You've got the potential for figurines, shells, and sand pails above. Another fun one is SpongeBob Super Balls. The goofy faces of these animated characters look just great on these toys, and the kids will love bouncing them around. You can also load up on inexpensive SpongeBob party favors like pencils, temporary tattoos, and stickers. You can use the sand pails as the holders for all these goodies, so the kids feel like they've really scored some great loot!

Covering these musts will help you perfectly theme out your home for your kid's SpongeBob party. These, though, are just the beginning. If you want to make the party unique, there are many other great SpongeBob party supplies that can spark the imagination of your child guests. This theme is a ton of fun, so explore your imagination when pulling it all together!