A sponsorship letter proposal sample can come in quite handy for many different things, including raising money for charitable organizations and other great causes.  If you are an athlete looking for some help to offset expenses, this will work out great as well.  All of the examples given can be tailored to fit your need and you can print them off to use them as a template.

For Athletic Expenses – Public Sports

You can use this one for anything from little league baseball, to football, to soccer, and just about any other team or individual sport you can imagine.  It will generally work the best when the sport is played in front of a crowd, since there will be some suggestions given for using advertising space as an attractive offer.

The ABC Company,

Hello.  I represent the your city little league baseball team and we are attempting to raise some funds for this season.  We have found that our expenses have increased substantially.  With so many parents struggling to make ends meet, we are attempting to avoid increasing fees for children playing in the league.

We have several tiers available for sponsorship this year.  We have beefed up what you, the sponsor, will get in return for your investment in children of our community.  Please consider making a donation in the following amounts.

Bronze Level:  All uniforms will proudly display your name on a 24 square inch badge.  This will only cost you $100 and will show great community support.

Silver Level:  You will be able to have your business name placed on the outfield fence on a very large billboard.  For just $250, your business name will be proudly displayed as a helping partner in the league.

Gold Level:  Your business name will be on a billboard in the outfield and listed at the concession stand.  In addition, a special letter of thank you will be posted in the local newspaper.  At only $500, this is a very cost effective option.

Platinum Level:  You will receive everything listed in the bronze, silver, and gold levels, plus have your name advertised over the speaker system at least 3 times per game as a major sponsor.  You will have visual and audible exposure for your business for only $750.

If you have a different amount in mind, please just give us a call and we will work with you.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

For Charitable Causes - A Free Example to Use

Are you raising money for charity with a special event?  If so, you can take it up a notch and get some big money for the event.  I would suggest using a similar suggestion for levels as given above for this one, tailored to suit your needs.

The ABC Company,

Hello.  I would like to take a minute of your time and ask you for some assistance.  I represent the xyz charity foundation.

Each year, the xyz charity foundation raises money for widows of fallen soldiers.  This year, our annual event will be held in your community.  Not only will there be live music, but also a nice dance area, games and crafts for kids, and several vendors on hand.  All proceeds will help out the widows and family members of fallen or wounded soldiers in your community.

We hope to raise more than $10,000 this year. With your help, we feel we can make it.

How to Secure More Sponsors

Securing sponsorship is the best way to raise funds for any cause.  In order to do this, you have to take your efforts up a notch.  The following suggestions will help you along the way as you try to raise funds.

Donation Levels:  Suggest amounts and give them names like gold or platinum, mega or giant.  This makes them sound a little better and possibly more attractive.

Accept Smaller Donations:  In the example listed, there is a plea for the business to contact you if they have a different amount in mind.  This could be a larger or smaller amount than you suggest.  By getting them to contact you, you can work with them and hopefully convince them to help you out.

Thank You Letters:  If someone gives to the event, you must send them a personalized thank you letter of appreciation.  This will help you secure future donations and is just plain courteous. 

Give Them Something:  If a donor is going to give to help you out, you need to give them something in return.  In the examples I gave, it was in the form of advertising.  This means they will have a tax deductible expense and get some exposure.

Visit Potential Sponsors in Person:  Follow up after the letters are sent and contact the businesses, preferably in person, to see if they have any questions.  You will greatly increase the amount you raise this way.

Not Just Businesses:  In all communities, there are well-known people.  Some might be willing to offer up donations with their name included and not just a business.  Don’t underestimate how effective this can be.

Make it Unique:  Businesses are bombarded with requests all the time.  How can you make your request stand out?  By offering them something in return and making your letter eye catching, you might be able to increase your success.

Have Participants Help:  Ask the athletes or participants in the event to help out.  If you are representing a sports team, simply ask all members to attempt to get someone to sign up a sponsor.  You might be surprised at how much more effective it can be when you have a lot of people all working together.

Whether you're trying to raise money for sports, a worthy cause, or for your church, school, or other non-profit group, you can have great success by canvassing the area with letters asking for sponsorships.  Give this a try and you just might raise more funds than you ever have before.