If you are looking for a neat holiday recipe for Halloween, these cupcakes will be a great treat any time during the holiday. If you want to make really spooky looking cupcakes, here are some ideas that should get your wheels turning.

gummy worm

Things You Will Need

Chocolate Cupcake Mix
Black Frosting/Orange Frosting
Oreo Cookies (crumbled)
Gummy Worms
Eyeball Candy (bubble gum or gummies)
Clear red icing (to look like blood)

Step 1

eyeball (28202) First bake cupcakes according to the instructions.

Step 2

vampire cupcakes Then, frost the cupcakes to your liking. Add some crumbled Oreos on some, to make it look like dirt, then, add a gummy worm by stick it into the cupcake so it looks like it is coming out of the cupcake. For the eyeball cupcakes, add an eyeball on the top of each desired cupcake. Then, using the red icing or the clear red icing ( I believe they make this in stores, you should be able to find it), and drip a little blood around the eyeball to make it look bloody and scary! If you want to add any other gruesome topping such as fingers, teeth marks, or spiders, you can as well. This will make your cupcakes even more spooky and delightful! There are so many new and innovative ideas to make tasty cupcake Halloween treats, these are just a few ideas that could be very helpful during the Halloween season.
This is just a general guidance on how to make some spooky cupcakes. You may find some interesting things that will make your cupcakes really stand out! Although this is more general information, it will help get your creative juices flowing so you can make some really excellent cupcake creations. Whether you are having a big Halloween party or entertaining a few guests on Halloween night, these cupcake creations are sure to be a delight to your guests! The possibilities are endless, but it is up to you, the chef, as to how scary and spooky you make them! Enjoy!

Tips & Warnings

Warning: Using real limbs and body parts is not recommended. Muahahahhaa! :-) Happy Halloween!