One of the advantages of buying sportcraft table tennis tables is that they're pretty cheap products. They're good products, but not nearly as expensive as other ping pong products out on the market. If you're not looking to spend thousands of dollars for just an indoor ping pong playing field, then you can find some cheap Sportcraft table tennis tables for sale online. If you're looking for a product that provides a game of ping pong, along with a game of billiards, then there are some Sportcraft table tennis tables that can convert into a pool table as well. Sometimes playing ping pong can be a bit boring and you might want to play something different. Shooting pool is a fun, skillful, and also an entertaining game to play. That's one of the advantages of shopping for Sportcraft table tennis tables. Prices will not only keep you under $1,000 dollars, but if you're pool lover too, then two games for the purchase of one is a great deal. Down below is a list of places to buy Sportcraft table tennis tables for sale.

Sportcraft Table Tennis Conversion Top

Sportcraft table tennis tables are rather cheap and inexpensive to purchase compared to other ping pong tables. The Sportcraft table tennis conversion top is the cheapest. It features a regulation sized playing field, 9ft x 5ft. The padded backing used is foam to prevent breakage on table surfaces. The net and post comes with the conversion top. The net can be adjusted for personal preference. The conversion top is an indoor sportcraft table tennis table. You apply the conversion top onto another table, like a pool table for example, then you can play a game of ping pong. You can purchase conversion top Sportcraft tennis tables for sale online at sears outlet for just $97 dollars.

Sportcraft X-3000 4PC Table Tennis Table

If you want to buy a full sized Sportcraft table tennis table for sale for cheap prices, then the X-3000 is the most affordable ping pong table on the market. It's a standard 9" x 5" regulated playing field. It's strictly an indoor Sportcraft tennis table only. The cool feature that comes with the X-3000 is the electronic scoring system that also has a serve count feature. The ping pong table can easily be moved with its dual caster wheels on each side of the table. The X-3000 4PC Sportcraft table tennis table can be folded as well and stored away. The court is decked out in blue. It's a good ping pong table that won't cost you thousands of dollars. Kids and grownups can enjoy a game of ping pong. You can buy X-3000 4PC Sportcraft table tennis tables for sale online at and walmart. Sale prices are going for slightly lower than three hundred dollars. Two paddles and three ping pong balls included during purchase.

Sportcraft 84" Scottsdale Billiard Table with Tennis Top

If you love a good game of billiards, or simply known as shooting pool, then purchasing conversion tables for sale online can allow you to play two different games. The 84" Scottsdale Billiard can be used as a table tennis table and a pool table. The legs and the frame of the table are quite sturdy and strong. Pool cues, billiard balls, chalk, and a triangle are included. A table tennis table top comes with a net, post, paddle balls, and ping pong balls. Everything you need to play a game of billiards and a game of table tennis. The billiard playing field is burgundy, and the ping pong playing field is blue. A great sale is going for the billiard/ping pong table online for great prices. You can buy Billiard Sportcraft table tennis tables for sale online at CSNstores for a 30% discount. Prices are well under $1,000 dollars.

Sportcraft 84" Fullerton Billiard Table with Table Tennis Top

The Fullerton Billiard Table with Table Tennis Top is basically the same product as the Scottsdale. Except the Fullerton billiard playing field is a little wider. Same features like a tennis table table top, cue balls billiard balls, chalk, triangle, ping pong balls, net, posts, and pool sticks are included during purchase. These are recommended products to purchase if you have kids. Kids might get tired of playing ping pong, and might feel up for a game of pool as well. Variety is a nice thing, especially when it doesn't cost too much money. The billiard/table tennis top is going for sale online for great prices. It's even cheaper than the Scottsdale billiard. You can purchase Fullerton billiard Sportcraft table tennis tables for sale online at CSNfuton for under $500 dollars.

Sportcraft AMF Fury Table Tennis Table

If you're strictly just about ping pong, and you're looking for a professional table tennis table, then the AMF Fury is sportcraft's best product. It's a commercial sportcraft table tennis table featuring four dual caster wheels on each side. The playing field is water resistant and features a one inch thick playing field. It's foldable and easy to move. AMF Fury Sportcraft table tennis tables are a bit expensive, but they are currently not going for sale online. Prices will still keep you under $1,000 dollars though. You can purchase online at