SportsThe thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Sport in it's purest form is a competition amongst athletes in either a team or single format. Normally, sport is an athletic competition, but in recent years it has gone to include less physical an athletic games.

The roots of sport can be traced back to many countries. Ancient China, Greece, Italy, Persia, and of course Rome all have their place in what many consider the seeds of the phenomenon that sport is today.

Sports today is a far cry from ancient sports such as classic gymnastics and greco-roman wrestling. Today, professional sports are far more organized and consist of many rules and huge financial contracts.

Grassroots sports all tend to have fan fare in different areas of the world. In the United States, grass roots Football is very popular from a young age, all the way to the college level. In Canada, hockey is dominant and there are more registered hockey players there than anywhere else in the world. In European countries, Soccer (or Football as it's known) is played almost everywhere and has the label of being the most popular game in the world.

Other countries thrive on certain sports as well. Countries such as Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba have a rich and luxurious history with baseball. Due to the country being financially strapped, it's a cultural experience to play baseball and many great players from those countries have gone on to turn professional in Major League Baseball.

England may be known for their soccer team, Manchester United, but they are also rabid when it comes to sports such as cricket and rugby. Fans pack stadiums to watch their local and national heroes play in sports that are unknown in other parts of the world.

In many places in North America where large native communities exist, Lacrosse is the game of choice. This sport goes back centuries and has now become popular enough over the last 20 years that it has spawned into it's own professional sports league called the National Lacrosse League.

Other games that are considered sport (but are questioned by some) include Figure Skating, NASCAR, and World Series Poker. While debatable, these games are in the sport category and their growth has far succeeded initial expectations.

No matter what sport interests you, there is always more to the game than what appears on the surface. With the glitz and glamour on the back burner, you will see that without years of volunteer work and countless hours put in from coaches and parents, sports do not exist, period.