Sports injury
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Sports can be very dangerous to your physical health.  Many athletes have had their careers ended quickly from various injuries.  No matter how much preparation and coaching that has taken place; there is always room for accidents to happen.  This is something that we all know as commonplace in the sports world but what about those other injuries to our sports figures that are just plain strange.  Even the best athletes can find themselves hurt due to some questionable actions on their part or the part of others.  Let’s take a look at some of these injuries.

 Dennis Martinez-In 1992 this Montreal Expo was throwing his suitcase in an equipment truck.  This quick twist of the body caused Mr. Martinez to suffer a side strain.  This caused Mr. Martinez to miss the starting game.  This goes to show you, if you can afford to have someone else to carry your luggage; you probably should.

Sammy Sosa-Right before a Cubs game, Sammy Sosa had two very powerful sneezes.  They were so strong that they caused Mr. Sosa to have severe back spasms.  He spent the rest of the night having treatment done to relieve the pain in his back.


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Bill Grimatica-This kicker for the Arizona Cardinals had a tradition of jumping up and down as if he had done something truly exceptional after each successful kick.  While playing the NY Giants he kicked a goal that placed them 3-0 in the game.  As he did his routine of jumping up and down, Mr. Grimatica landed badly and tore his ACL.  Unfortunately for him, that finished him for the season.  Now, that’s the way you go out!

Bobby Crushinak-After an exceptional shot during the 1934 US Open.  Mr. Crushinak threw his golf club up in the air in celebration.  When the golf club came back down to Earth, he was hit in the head.  The club knocked him unconscious and although he came to and finished the tournament; he bogeyed many of the last shots and placed third.

John Smoltz
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John Smoltz-During his time playing for the Braves, Mr. Smoltz was burned while ironing his shirt.  The ironic part is that he was still wearing the shirt at the time.  Now how do you explain that one to your coach and manager?

Manny Legacie-Can you imagine straining your hip flexor?  Well this is exactly what happened to Mr. Legacie.  Even stranger is the fact he strained it on a red carpet rolled out for the former Governor, Sarah Palin of Alaska.

                Seeing or hearing stories like these lets us all know that even our sports athletes are susceptible to injury.  Like many of us, the strangest or quirkiest things can cause us to be hurt.  The difference is that no one is paying us large sums of money to stay healthy so that we can keep playing our chosen professional sport.  So the next time you’re at a game and your favorite player is on the disabled list; check it out and you may find that more accidents happen off the playing field than on it.