If You Love a Sports Fan, Here are Some Great Gift Ideas!

Whether you are shopping for the holidays, a birthday, Valentine's Day or an anniversary, are you looking for a unique gift for the man in your life? Consider buying him some sports memorabilia. Items are available from a number of sources, at a wide variety of prices. You can also find items of interest to sports fans of all types, whether they prefer college sports, professional sports, or the Olympics. Memorabilia is available for virtually any category of sport, too, such as baseball, basketball, football, hockey, surfing or NASCAR, and many items can be purchased with an autograph, commemorative engraving, a display case or other enhancements. Give your loved one something truly unusual and unique, whether he is a sports memorabilia collector or not. These items can be purchased at your local sports arena, from the team stores, at local sporting good stores, and online. Here's a rundown of a few of types of items you can find, some general prices, and a few of the many sources for these items. Remember that these prices are only meant to give you a general idea of what the items could cost. The selection of available items, and the prices they sell for, will change frequently.

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Give a Gift of a Sports Poster

You can purchase sports posters showing photographs of a large variety of athletes, and you can obtain these posters both autographed and without autographs, depending how much you are willing to pay. Among your choices of sports are baseball, football, basketball, hockey, college sports, NASCAR, soccer, golf, cycling, swimming, surfing, tennis and many more. Within each of those categories, you can search online for posters depicting some of the top stars in those sports. One of the best sites for buying lots of sports memorabilia, including posters is Amazon.  If you want to start your search there, use this direct link to thousands of items of sports memorabilia from Amazon.com. Among the other sites where you can find posters are SportsPosterWarehouse.com, 123Posters.com, barewalls.com, and SteinerSports.com.

SteinerSports.com, for example, has framed poster collages that include a 6 x 10 photo, a descriptive nameplate and a capsule of actual dirt from the major league baseball field where that team or team member plays, all for around $60. On the other hand, a framed poster of the 1980 Olympic Hockey team, autographed by Jim Craig, sells for around $280. Other sports memorabilia items have similarly wide price ranges. Before spending a lot of money for any sports memorabilia, you will want to set up a budget and shop around. The different websites do have sales, and so will your local sporting goods stores.

If you are interested in posters or other memorabilia for your local team, you may discover that many of the sporting goods stores in your community will carry some items. If you travel, you will often see sports memorabilia for sale in some of the airport gift shops. However, watch the price! You don't want to spend significantly more in a shop than you would by making the purchase online. If you're looking for a specific item, you can also call the corporate offices of your favorite team, to see if they have a catalogue or a shop that is open, even when you are not attending a sporting event. However, your best selections may still be found by shopping online. To learn more, you may want to also read, "Where to Buy Sports Posters."

Buy Autographed Baseballs and Similar Memorabilia as Gifts

Even if the guy in your life has never managed to catch a fly ball while sitting in the stands, he can still own an autographed baseball … or an autographed football, tennis ball, boxing gloves, or similar items. Prices vary widely. For example, at SportsMemorabilia.com, you can buy a basketball autographed by Magic Johnson for under $200, but one autographed by Michael Jordan costs over $1800. That is one reason why it is smart to shop around, and have a variety of items in mind when you decide to shop online.

At the same site, a baseball signed by Pablo Sandoval can be purchased for under $70. One signed by Alex Rodriguez sells for around $500. You will want to comparison shop to find the best price possible by going onto a variety of sports memorabilia websites. Also, be open to finding balls that have been signed by different stars. There can be a huge difference in prices. You may also want to read, "Autographed Baseballs Available."

Stadium Seats Make Unusual Gifts

Yes, your guy can sit at home in front of the big screen, while enjoying his very own, authentic commemorative seat from Yankee Stadium. These seats are available from SteinerSports.com and sell for around $800, plus about $70 for shipping … but what a unique gift! SteinerSports.com also sells a pair of padded seats from the original Yankee Stadium for around $1000. Stadium seats, and even the autographed seat backs, from other stadiums are also sometimes available.

Other Sports Memorabilia

There are many items that you may not have thought of purchasing as a gift. For example, the man in your life may want to own a piece of freeze-dried sod from Yankee Stadium (around $100), or one of the autographed seatbacks from Giants Stadium (around $700). For a much less expensive gift, why not buy a crystal paper weight containing dirt from their favorite baseball field? This item can be purchased for around $50. They may also enjoy owning other items from their favorite teams. You can get more ideas by reading, "Where to Buy Authentic Team Footballs, Helmets and Jerseys."

Display Cases for Sports Memorabilia

Does your guy already have the beginnings of a baseball collection, or a special football, hockey puck or similar item? He may be dreaming of a way to display his items, and protect them from being handled by his buddies, and getting dirty. Why not buy him a display case for his collection … even if there is only one item in it? Prices range from around $25 to over $100, depending on how many items he will want to display.

More Ideas for Sports Fans

There are other items that you can buy the sports lover, too. For example, have you thought about buying him drinking glasses, beer cozies, or coasters with his team logo on them? These items could protect your furniture, while letting him show his enthusiasm for his favorite team. Or, you could purchase him a blanket that sports his favorite team logo. What about a team jersey? If you purchase these items autographed, they can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, without the autograph they are often available for under $100. With such a wide variety of items, and prices, there should be something available for nearly every sports enthusiast.

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