If you’re the owner of a sports bar or pub, you’re always looking for ways to improve business. That’s natural. You want to showcase your place as a fun place to meet friends and have a good time. You search for ideas to incorporate them into your weekly entertainment schedule.

As a sports bar, running a weekly sports trivia quiz not only makes perfect sense but it’s like giving a dog a bone! Sports fans, especially those who consider themselves above average in their sports trivia knowledge, (in other words, every single one of them!), will absolutely love you for introducing it. Now they have an opportunity to show off their skills and get really competitive.

As a sports bar owner, there are many advantages to running a weekly sports quiz. It’s not very expensive and you’ll notice a high ROI. Apart from this, it has the power to attract new customers and turn them into regulars. People who’ve never been to your sports pub will wonder what’s going on, being naturally curious and perhaps try to answer a few questions in their head and very soon, you’ll find that they become familiar faces to you.

Your bar will have a party-like atmosphere with lots of banter between tables and also between teams and the host, as it’s a “live-hosted” sports trivia quiz (the best kind). Offering prizes adds the icing on the cake. Teams just enjoy the whole sports trivia thing on its own, but when you throw in prizes, it’s going to send them over the edge!

Apart from all the obvious reasons and advantages to running live, weekly sports trivia quizzes, its versatility means that you can also use it to do some good. How about donating to charity? What about fundraisers? How about collecting a little something for the community’s kid’s baseball team? Though it’s done for altruistic reasons, it will have a positive impact and enhance your own reputation.  

Running a weekly sports quiz is quite simple and straightforward. If you had the time, you could do it on your own. However, time is the problem. Many people just don’t have the time, particularly in this industry. So what does one do? Well, there are companies that take care of just about everything for you. Obviously, you want a company with a great product, one with diversity in its quiz material to include something for everyone so as to keep things challenging and stimulating. Let’s not forget excellent customer service.

After your initial advertising and signing teams up, you’ll find that many of the same teams keep returning week after week. You’ve hooked these customers who look forward to their sports quiz and the chance to win some cool prizes. Teams get bigger and each member of a team may have his or her particular strength. In the end, a great time is had by all.

It’s taking that initial step. Just do it, as Nike would say. You’ll be glad you did.