Sports is something that is very important to many of us; there are so many different kinds of sports for us to try that there is always something for us all to try and appreciate.  There isn’t just one sport out there and even though there are always going to be types of sport more appropriate or more popular than the others, everyone is going to enjoy several.  Across the world there are many different sporting events shown and played, we all have the opportunity to take part in them, to get active or to just to have a few hours of fun with our friends.

So why do we actually love sports? We can watch them, get involved with them and share the pain when our favourites don’t win or don’t get through. There are so many types of sports out there that it is hard to say which is the best and in which way but we love them all.

One of the most popular types has to be football, or soccer, in many places; football has so many levels from local teams that are bringing young players through to get a chance to get into the big time and more professional games. Up to the international levels where you can see the best, the top professionals at their best showcasing their talents off for everyone to see.

You can watch the big time games with the best players playing against the competition and you can even share in those special moments even if you support a team that your friends don’t!

We love all sports and another popular one has to be one of the American sports – American football.  We can be there when the best team wins; we can be there when our teams lose or when our favourite players move to another club.  We can watch our favourite sports whenever we like and we can feel it all when the results don’t go how we want it to be.

Sports have been there and have always been popular no matter what they are, we can share in all of those memorable moments also.