If you happen to be of dual nationality and the two countries were involved in a competition, which of the two countries would you support? This questions crops up time and time again especially when there is a world cup or competition which involves various countries.

For this article, I will actually use theFIFA World cup as an example. A colleague at work who is of Irish and English descent is still fuming that Ireland did not qualify for the world cup. She loves England, but would have loved it if Ireland qualified as well!

If I was in this type of situation I would be inclined to support both countries equally as long as they were not grouped together!

If in the unfortunate event they are grouped together, then I may support both equally. I know, that is very hard. Actually, to be honest, I think I would be more inclined to support the country where I am resident at that particular moment. To me, I feel it would be most appropriate and a way of showing my support for country of residence.

Having said that, people tend to go after the country where they feel their "loyalties" lie. I will explain. If for example, someone is born in Greece, but both parents are from Germany and the parents bring the child up learning a lot about Germany, and take the time to travel to Germany frequently, I believe the child might most likely grow up identifying more with Germany than with Greece. And in the event of a world cup involving both countries, I think the child would most likely be rooting for Germany. That is just a thought, I could be wrong.

Being of dual nationality also allows for healthy rivalry, I would say. For example, if dad and mom decide to support a particular country and the children the other, it would be very interesting to see how they react in the family when a country is defeated and the other moves forward in the competition.

My colleague doesn't have the problem this world cup of where to place her allegiance, but I wonder if there would come a time when England and Ireland both qualify and probably meet in the finals?

What would you do if your two countries met at the final of the FIFA World Cup?