If you are now retired, or this phase of your life is fast approaching, you might have thought about some of the sports that you can take part in. Here we’ll take a look at some of the most popular activities and how you can get involved.


It doesn’t matter if you play doubles or singles, tennis is a great form of exercise and is also a highly sociable pastime. You can play competitively or on a more recreational basis. Obviously with any form of sport, you have to dedicate a little time to improving your skill and fitness levels. Although, even if you just want to have a knock about, you will still be keeping fit. All you need for this sport is a racket, some balls, a little kit and the court facilities. It’s a popular sport for those in their retirement, so see if you can find a local club and get involved.


Bowls is a great way to stay active and is usually played with a group of people, which means that you get the social benefits too. It’s a relatively uncomplicated sport, with the aim being to get your ball as near to a smaller ball, often referred to the jack, as possible. There are a number of indoor and outdoor venues around the country plus a large number of clubs and groups you can join. Why not go with someone else you know who plays regularly, to get a feel for the game before you decide if it’s right for you?


Although this might be seen as more of a recreational pastime, it is still classed as a sport. If you want to get involved on a serious level with fishing, it can offer you a great opportunity to get outdoors and keep active – walking to fishing sites, casting the line and reeling it back in are all good exercises. The cost of the fishing rod, bait and other equipment can all add up, but you should certainly enjoy trying to find your biggest and best catch of the day.


What about enjoying a game of golf with friends? You don’t have to be fully immersed in playing the sport, because a lot of your time will be spent walking around the 9 or 18 hole course. There are so many courses up and down the country to join and play, plus it's another very sociable activity. So why not get your golfing shoes on, buy some clubs and head down to your nearest course for a quick round?


If you want to see some of the great outdoors, or you are looking to bring out your competitive streak on a bike, then cycling might be the perfect choice of sport for you. At times it can be quite demanding, although it’s definitely one of the best sports to partake in if you want to really improve your overall fitness levels without the impact of, say, running.


It doesn’t matter what sports you take part in, just so long as you are exercising on a regular basis. We hope the list above gives you a few pointers as to what activities might suit you in retirement.