England Cricket Tour

The England cricket team pretty much play all year round, thanks to visiting teams in the southern hemisphere. This means that during the cold winter months the team could be on tour in warmer climates such as South Africa, Australia or Sri Lanka. Why not go on a trip and take in a bit of cricket with the Barmy Army? If it’s been a lifelong passion, now’s the perfect time to pursue it.

Grand Prix in a foreign country

Formula One is a truly global sport with Grand Prixs taking place in various countries all over the world. If you have a particular driver or team you’re passionate about, why not follow them to the races of your choosing? Albert Park in Melbourne, Monte Carlo, the evening Grand Prix in Singapore? These are just some of the stand-out events. Alternatively, you could stay in Blighty and watch at Silverstone. It’s entirely up to you.

Olympics in a foreign country

The biggest sports' event the world has ever seen, the Olympics, is an iconic and truly momentous occasion for whichever country gets to host it. As such, it’s always a carnival atmosphere, and a great chance for you to take in top quality sport, as well as bit of alternative culture too. After London 2012, the next event will be in Rio De Janeiro in 2016 – your chance to see Brazil in all its glory.

A tennis Grand Slam

If you’re a lover of tennis, and maybe a British player in particular (Andy Murray notably), then why not see him or any other favourites in action during a major tournament? At the start of the year there’s the Australian Open. During spring, you have the French Open at Roland Garros in Paris. Wimbledon is next on the list during the summer, and the grand slam calendar ends in New York with the US Open at Flushing Meadows. Take your pick.

A golfing major

Golfing majors take place in the UK (The Open) and the US (Masters, US Open, PGA Championship). All competitions are played at various locations within each country, with the exception of the Masters which is played at the immaculate Augusta National Golf Club. This gives you an excellent opportunity to travel to wonderful places either here in the UK or across the pond. Alternatively, there are a number of other Opens and European Tour tournaments for you to enjoy. If you love playing and watching the game, there’s nothing better than live action itself.

A football international

Whether it’s a friendly, a qualifier or even a cup final, seeing your national team play the beautiful game is a sight to behold; especially if they win. There’s something truly spine-tingling about watching your national team with tens of thousands of other fans. It is all the more special if you’re abroad with those fans – making the event truly memorable. Which is why so many fans make the effort to travel abroad, because it’s a fantastic experience.

A rugby international

Football isn’t everyone’s thing, of course. So, why not take in a rugby international instead? Again, this could be a friendly, a tour, the SIx Nations, or even the Rugby World Cup. Just like with cricket, there tends to be matches played in the southern hemisphere, sometimes during our winter, but other times during our summer too. So if you’re a die-hard rugby fan, wherever your team are playing, you can now support them there and then. That’s real dedication.