A good spot cleaner machine is a must for households with pets and kids. Lets compare the carpet cleaning methods used for spot cleaning. This comparison will help you find the best spot carpet cleaner machine.

Is a Commercial Stain Remover Necessary?

commercial spot cleaner

The Selectspot Carpet Spot Extractor is a commercial carpet stain remover. This handheld carpet cleaning machine uses a 786 watt motor that provides one full horsepo wer of energy for deep down stain removal. There is no questioning the cleaning prowess of this device. Is the motorized cleaning power necessary for home use? The high cost of this carpet stain remover suggests otherwise. The downside is that it weighs 44 pounds. Which shows that this spot cleaner machine is designed more for commercial cleaning. Most home owners want a light weight spot cleaner vacuum.

Lets look into the more practical spot cleaner machines

If you want a convenient and effective spot cleaner machine, take a closer look at these Bissell Spot Cleaner machines.

The Bissespotbotll SpotBot Pet Hands-Free Compact Deep Cleaner is one of the most popular spot cleaners on the market. This spot cleaner machine weighs in at a more convenient 16 pounds. The cleaning method used is a spiral brushing action combined with suction. Cold water is used to remove the stains, you set the device on the stain while it operates completely hands free.

Bissell Spot
heated spot cleanerBot ProHeat uses the same hands free cleaning method as the traditional SpotBot. But this spot cleaner machine raises the temperature of the water 25 degrees to make stain removal even more effective. The spot cleaning method that this device uses offers more cleaning ability while maintaining the lightweight convenience.