What is Spotify? 

Spotify is the world's largest music subscription service, which has just launched in the US. Spotify is very popular in Europe for its free music streaming service.   Spotify allows users access to 15 million music tracks, lets them create playlists, listen to them and share them with their friends, for free! Spotify Social lets users import their facebook friends and share music with them. There are rumors of a complete facebook integration eventually. 
Spotify will compete with Amazon's cloud music store, Itunes and Pandora. With both Amazon and Itunes you have to own the music to listen to it, unlike with Spotify. 

How Do I Use Spotify?

Spotify has both a free service and paid plans. The free service is currently invitation-only in the US, but should be available to everyone soon. The free service lets you stream music along with letting  you  organize and listen to music you own. Right now the free service is unlimited for US users as an introductory offer,  but will eventually be capped to 20 hours per month as it is in Europe. 
For $4.99 a month you can join right now as a paid plan user. The $4.99 a month will get rid of the ads and the monthly play cap. For $9.99 a month you will be able to download music so you can listen to it when you don't have an internet connection, and it will also allow you to download apps for your mobile phone. 
Pros of Spotify:
  • 15 million tracks available to stream for free.
  • An easy way to share music and playlists with friends.
  • An easy to use interactive website. 
  • Spotify is the world's largest music subscription service, so they must be doing something right!
Cons of Spotify:
  • The streaming music quality isn't great.
  • Unless you use the pay service, you must have an internet connection to listen to music
  • The mobile apps aren't great.
  • Some music isn't available in the U.S. Record Labels and Artists can choose to remove their music from the service.
spotify invite
How Do I get an Invite to Spotify?

In the US a Spotify user has to invite you, but soon everyone will be allowed to join. You can also go to their website and request an invite.  Some celebrities, like Britney Spears and Ashton Kutcher,  have been tweeting invites to their followers. And if you don't want to wait for an invitation, join their paid service!