Music Streaming can be free

Spotify is a music streaming program that is available for personal use both as a free service as well as an unlimited version for paying subscribers.  With free Spotify account, the listener receives access for ten hours a month  to the massive collection of artists. Allowing for personalized playlists. These playlists are sharable with Facebook friends that also have the program or are able to stay completely private.

Each genre of music is available for placing into a personal playlist. The types of music include, alternative, rap, classical, trance, country, Broadway hits and current top twenty hits.  With over fifteen million digital songs available, there is music for every taste.

Accessing the personalized playlist is very user-friendly.  The creative team that formed Spotify, has implemented the drop and drag system of selecting songs. By starring a song, it will default into a playlist which will contain any song you "star" as a favorite. The feature allows for creating many playlists.  This playlist freedom allows for sharing specific lists through email, Facebook feed or Twitter feed.  

The search by either the artist or the song name, makes it simple to find the exact song being sought. When using the song name search, various cover bands become available.  This feature allows for sampling other artists version of the same songs.  




Starred Playlist


Unlimited Access From the Computer

For $4.99 a month a subscriber purchases unlimited computer access to the streaming music.  No commercials will interrupt play and there is no limits on the number of songs or playlists. 

Creating the playlists and all other aspects of the Spotify program stay the same.    Sharing music through the playlist is available through Facebook, email and Twitter as well as instant message. 

Playlist on The Go

A premium subscription not only allows access to the playlists through the computer but also using the subscribers iPhone, Android and other mobile smart phones.  This premium account will continue to update on the Facebook , Twitter news feed as well as through chat features and email. 

The premium account allows for accessing and streaming from the playlists or the Spotify radio feature.  The cost is $9.99 per month and is commercial free and unlimited access. 

Special Playlist

Special Playlist


The program began as an invitation only system, and as of July 2011 the enrollment has opened and is free for anyone to enjoy.   There are several methods for signing up, first there is through a Facebook account.  This access allows for the sharing of music  directly from the Facebook news feed.  

The platform for sharing is simple.  By using the playlists and sharing them, friends can pull music from the shared playlist and add it into their own.  When the Facebook feed shows the music, if the playlist is not private a person can simply listen to the original playlist just as they have it in their program. 

The sharing of music is one of the best features of this program.  The millions of songs that are available give the user the opportunity to find songs from their childhood to current popular hits. 

Creating several playlists means that the user can have a unique experience each time they listen.  The songs may show up on several different playlists at the same time.  Adjusting and editing playlists can be done at any time bringing in new music and replacing earlier choices. 

Finding Music

Once the new user has found the first song they want to listen to and add to the playlist, a very nice feature shows up on the top right hand corner called the Related Artists.  The related artists feature shows different singers that have music available in the same genre or the same singing style.  

This feature provides several nice options. It allows for finding forgotten favorite singers as well as introducing the listener to a new artist. Simply by clicking the artist's name, all of their available songs populate into a playlist.  Once the playlist generates double clicking a song on the list and the listener can try them out. 


Related Artists

Related Artists

Try It Out

The free version is a great method for trying out the program.  With the options such as the radio stream, new users can get their feet wet with no fears of paying for something they do not enjoy.  Creating playlists and finding those old songs that meant so much in the past might just hook even the most skeptical listener. 

From personal experience the first few hours flew by with the discovery of more and more songs that had simply been forgotten.  Playlists filled quickly with Christmas music to play during my Christmas party.  A new playlist that began with oldies and incorporated current hits for every day listening.  Another playlist came about named "Toddler" this one is complete with Disney songs from both the current season of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and favorite Disney movie songs to share with the visiting grandchildren.  While creating the other playlists I made a little special list of some amazing Jazz for nights when I do not want to listen to "just anything". 

My suggestion is to give it a try.  It is worth the time just to reconnect with all that awesome music that is hiding in the back of your mind.