Narita International Airport

Traveling to destinations in Asia and the South Pacific, a layover in Japan's Narita International Airport is a truly luxurious experience. The airport is one of five in the country that is classified as a First Class Airport. The Japanese airport classification system is constructed of five service levels. Narita's first class status indicates the airport deals primarily with international flights. The amenities offered by Narita Airport are truly a sight to behold.

One of the first things noticed as you disembark in Narita is the attractive appearance and friendly nature of the staff. Wide smiles and pleasant attitudes seem to be a requirement for Narita Airport employees. Whether you need a gate number or have to clear customs before your flight departure, Japanese standards of customer service guarantee every measure is taken to resolve your issue. No typical smells of re-circulated air bombard your nose. You are not assaulted by food court smells. The only thing you smell is clean.

State of the art bathrooms in Narita International Airport are a sight to behold. The facilities have toilets that clean with a gentle shot of water. They dry with a blast of air set to your preferred temperature. Amenities like this are comforting so far away from home. These bathrooms make you never want to leave.

When you do leave the restrooms, take time to enjoy exquisite shopping provided at Narita airport. Duty-free provides Chanel, Lancôme and the like. You also find shops popular with Japanese consumers. Samantha Thavasa and Nike have fully equipped boutiques located in Narita Airport. These boutiques are mixed in with stores specializing in traditional Japanese goods like rice cakes, kimono, and other items worthy of a souvenir run.

Communication methods are plentiful at Narita Airport. Telephone cards offering a decent amount of call time to any country are available for a reasonable price. Internet lounges are clean, plentiful and free. Present your passport and plane ticket to the lounge clerk for access. Comfy sofas allow you to relax and utilize wi-fi while watching television on flat screen monitors. Not a bad way to spend a layover.

Weary travelers have a place to relax in Narita Airport. Pay a small fee to access showers and a clean, comfortable bed. Schedule a wake up call with the front desk clerk so you do not miss your flight. With full service salons and spas to partake in massages or manicures, emerge from Narita an entirely different person. Narita Airport makes you never want to leave.