spotting(54573)Credit: shxFunny how we sometimes get fooled by other social network users who’s fond of making fake user accounts or anything particularly as common as a fake blazing hot chick. Things can get far worse (yet a bit funny though) when discovering the person behind it is a dude with an actual size twice than you are. Well it’s not that much of a big deal anyway. I admit it; sometimes it can be fun to do mainly because you’ll get quite a massive numbers of friend requests afterwards. But it just doesn’t make any sense at all. Not to sound rather suggestive and self-righteous but is it really that hard to make real friends outside the cyber world? Well that’s quite off the issue anyway. It’s a free world, everyone can do whatever they please.

           But if you’re that fool enough to the extent that you’re being exploited and taken advantage of, blindly turned into someone else’s flunky, purely because you want to impress somebody whom you thought they are? I think these tips might help you. 

  • Check their email. Email addresses are usually displayed at the user’s Profile or information page. Although some sites can’t allow users to disclose their email info, but it’s worth a try. But anyway, here are some examples: If you notice that her email address goes out something unlikely for a normal lady such as “mightyballs123”, “Die_already2011”, or “TheMightyC*ck”, well I think you get the point. How much more if their email address starts with a man’s name. If so, then possibly it’s just another person that wants to play fool with you. 
  • The Album Photos. Nothing gets more obvious than this one. It actually is funny when it appears that they forgot to place their personal photos in private viewing. And by that, it looks like the hot chick in a sexy bikini profile pic forgot to lock her dark secrets inside the closet. But if you really are that desperate to break in to people’s personal stuff, well there are lots of techniques that can be found on the web on how to. But I do not recommend it because it’s obviously a bad thing to do.
  • The manly response. Just try to read how they respond to any messages particularly that of inside the comment section where anyone can take a look at it freely.
  • Likes, Hobbies, and other preferences. I for one don’t think that a normal girl would like to show the world how much they really love pro-wrestling and death metal and post it on their profile pages. Well there might be someone out there but chances can be quite thin. To put this straight, this one’s pretty hard to distinguish because I think there’s not a single person stupid enough to make their actions conspicuously suspicious and blow their cover in an easy snap.


    Credit: shx