An automobile accident is a tragedy that people can easily prevent if only total care is considered. Unfortunately, the bigger percentage of the reason behind it is something preventable by the driver, passenger or any of the individuals concerned. Drunk driving, talking to passengers inside the car, changing radio stations or using cell phones are just some of the leading causes of car accidents. Clearly, inappropriate human activity inside the car distracts the driver and causes automobile mishaps.

However, the said activities may not be considered as "reckless driving." According to many state laws, reckless driving is identified as "driving with a willful or a wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property." This means that the driver misinterprets certain driving procedures or road regulations and ends up causing automobile accidents. Some states use the term "careless driving" or "dangerous driving," and may be characterized by such driving actions like driving over the posted speed limit or racing on public highways.

Usually, a drunk driver commits this offense because alcohol obscures a driver's judgment. But a person who is not intoxicated can still be identified as reckless. To avoid being involved in reckless driving auto accidents, determine these characteristics and actions that make a driver reckless.

  • Driving either very slowly or quickly. The driving limit is on a minimum of 10 mph and the speed limit depends on state laws
  • Signal is inconsistent with the driving.
  • Swerving, driving or drifting between the opposite lanes or on the shoulder of the road.
  • Sudden acceleration or braking.
  • Driving without the appropriate lights on.
  • Making excessive, unnecessary wider turns.
  • Failure to respond or late response to traffic signals.
  • Driving too close to the vehicles or objects and almost hitting them.
  • Stopping without a reason.
  • Crossing the center line.

The laws about reckless driving differ for each state, but the usual penalties if caught include a misdemeanor record, suspension or revoking of license or parole, a significant fine, and even jail time.

Other drivers on the road are suggested to report drivers that are deemed dangerous for their recklessness. To report a reckless driver:

  • Call the nearest local law enforcement agency or police.
  • Tell them about the suspected reckless driver.
  • Give a detailed description of the car and, if possible, the driver.
  • Give the exact location of where the car was spotted.