Learning how to spray paint your home furnitures

Home furniture painting

If you have been thinking about using spray paint to update old pieces of furniture but you are not sure how to complete the job, you should take the time to learn about proper spray painting of furniture and preparation techniques.

Spray painting may look easy, but it is actually quite tricky. Thankfully, once you learn the right techniques you can update old furniture with a beautiful finish that will last for many years.

The first step is selecting the correct spray paint. If you are painting a metal finish, then you will need to select a spray paint designed for metal surfaces. If you are painting plastic lawn furnitures or a laminate surface then you need to select a product that is designed for non-porous surfaces. It is important that you select the correct spray paint product for your surface so that the paint will not crack or peel over time. 

Before you begin spray painting furnitures, you should wash the furnitures thoroughly with soap and water and let them air dry overnight. To get a long lasting finish, the surfaces must be completely clean before it is painted. For the best results, you should spray paint on a day when the temperature is somewhere between sixty-five and eighty degrees. You should avoid spray painting outdoors on windy days because it is almost impossible to apply spray paint in windy weather. 

All drawer pulls or hardware that is not going to be painted should be removed from the furniture. The pieces can also be covered with tape so they will not be painted along with the rest of the furniture. Since spray paint gets everywhere you should cover the ground with newspaper or other protective paper or plastic and stay out of the way so you do not end up covered in paint. 

Give the furniture a light sanding with a fine piece of sandpaper. After it is sanded, wipe the furniture off with a dry cloth so that all loose particles are wiped away. The spray paint must be able to attach well to the surface of the furniture so this is an important step to follow. Hold the spray paint can eighteen inches away from the furniture and begin painting, using a quick sweeping motion.

Begin spraying just off the piece of furniture, quickly sweep over it and stop spraying just off the piece of furniture. The sweeping motion is not hard to master with a bit of practice and will prevent paint from dripping.

After finishing the first coat of paint, you should let the paint dry for a half an hour to one hour before applying the second coat of paint. You should make sure that the entire surface of the furniture has been painted before you let the second coat of paint dry. Let the wet furniture dry for two to three hours before you apply a clear coat of polyurethane.

Do not forget to let each coat dry thoroughly. The extra step of applying clear coat will protect the paint for years. Now that you know the proper spray painting furniture preparation techniques, you can begin to paint your old furniture, therefore giving it a brand new look.