We love the summertime because it means fun in the sun and getting nice tans. Although spray tanning is safer than sun tanning you still see the beaches packed with people in the summer. I guess it's not just the tan people are looking to get it is also the fun process. Spray tanning is still becoming very desirable especially those afraid of skin cancer from the sun. If you feel like you are pale and want to get that tan you can get it at any tanning booth or salon. It is known that everything has it advantages and disadvantages including spray tanning. So before you decide to go, see if it is right for you.

People usually get a tan because it gives an attractive look. It can make you look thinner and does great in hiding cellulite. It is a fact that cellulite is more visible on lighter skin people than dark skinned. Just think about all the trouble people go through just to get dark. Many of them try their best to stay that way all year and that is not possible unless they either live in the hotter states or get an artificial tan.

You need to know first if you are a good candidate for a spray tan. If you really enjoy sun tanning you can purchase your own sun tanning equipment. Yes, you can have your own tan done right at home. Make sure you know what you are doing and have a spray tanning guide with you. You can do it on your own but it would be difficult to get it on evenly by yourself.

If you notice many models and stars are nicely tanned, this is also because airbrush tanning covers many of their flaws and also makes them appear thinner and more attractive. It isn't hard anymore to get a tan and it is basically safe as long as you are careful not to swallow the chemicals and keep away from inhaling it.

Some of the finer spray tanning salons will charge a lot of money and are usually booked. So if you want to get that fake tan for any occasion you should plan ahead of time and make an appointment.

Don't expect to leave the place dark and lovely because it takes about 5 hours for the DHA to completely finish working. It can be a very enjoyable experience and you should enjoy it while it lasts.