No matter what season it is, many people want to have a great looking and beautiful tan all year round. To keep this tan at all times a great method to use is getting a spray tan. This can either be done at home or you can visit a professional tanning salon to get the results you want.

Tanning products are not new, but a certainly gaining in popularity. You've probably seen them on the telly before now, and realised that you can even buy them in chemists. Self tanning solutions range in price, but are usually quite cost effective. As you look or tanning products, you will find that there are a wide variety of products out there for your to choose from. These range from ones that you apply and then the tan develops over a few days, to ones where the coloring is applied instantly. No two peoples skin reacts to these products in the same way, so it is worth trying a few out and seeing which one gives you the tan you want.

Getting a tan at a salon means you will probably want to go for an all body tan. You have a number of options available to you here and this will probably be around how the spray tanning is administered. You could either use an automated booth or have the tan sprayed on by an assistant. The great thing about getting a tan applied professionally is that you get a much higher quality of tan, that is applied evenly and avoids streaks. Also, as you are paying for a service and not having it applied at home you have much less cleaning up to deal with as well. Going for a professionally administered tan means you will get several advantages. The consultants will be able to advise you of the best tanning products for your skin type, and the color that you want to achieve. Getting the level of tan that you require might necessitate a few visits, but these methods will give you a better and longer lasting tan.

Whatever type of tan you decide to go for, when it comes to the summer and wearing less clothes you will have a skin coloring that looks great. Imagine turning up at the beach with pasty skin, and you'll probably want t start tanning sooner rather than later. Using a UV tanning booth or tanning oil in the sun has plenty of risks associated with it from skin cancer to ageing. These methods also take longer so if you require a top up tan ahead of a big event, and want the healthier option then you should certainly check out self tanning as a way to look great.