How would you like to spread your company domain all over the internet for $5.00? This awesome method involves having a model wear a t-shirt branded with your logo and or domain name, getting pictures of the model acting sexy, and then the model will post the pictures of her wearing your branded t-shirt on various social networks such as twitter and FaceBook as well as posting the image on a highly trafficked web forum? How much do you think this would cost? How about $5.00.

Yep, for $5.00 you can get all of the above. Fiverr is home to some great deals. If you are not aware, Fiverr is a website where people can post things they will do for $5.00. LitaKelley is willing to do the modeling of your branded t-shirt.

If you have a short and easy to type in domain name that stands out then you will more than recoup your measly $5.00 investment. The images will be around on the internet forever, and if you have a cute or sexy saying on your t-shirt then your images may spread virally. Your $5.00 investment could get you exposure that, although might be small, will last forever. You can get residual traffic from properly utilizing this Fiverr offer.

Even if you don't receive $5.00 worth of traffic wouldn't it still be fun to see some complete stranger wearing your branded logo t-shirt advertising your company, blog, or website?

If you don't have a website to market you could always send her a t-shirt that has your picture on it. Why the heck not, it is only $5.00.

If you properly utilize this offer you could in theory receive thousands of hits to your website, as long as it appealed to people on a mass scale and had a short and easy to remember and type in domain name.

You can find many similar offers on Fiverr including one lady who will make a sexy pose with a fan sign of anything you need. You could drive some traffic to your blog, for only $5.00.