Plant Spring Blooming Bulbs in the Fall

The trick to growing healthy, spring blooming bulbs is to prepare the soil well at the time of planting. A soil that is rich, well-draining and pH balanced, will feed the underground bulbs, fuelling abundant spring growth and beautiful flowers. Another important point to note is the bulbs chosen need to be healthy rather than dry, moldy, spongy or withered.  A Rule of thumb in gardening states that the larger the spring blooming bulbs, the more flowers they will generate.

Daffodil bulbs (Narcissus)

Daffodils are the number one favorite among spring blooming bulbs and this is not surprising. In spring when the bulbs bloom they explode with color making them an extremely popular choice. Daffodils are a gardener’s dream plant – they are hardy plants that are pest and disease free. They naturalize well in the soil, provide years of beautiful flowers, multiply on their own and require very little work. Daffodils come in a variety of flower shapes, colors, sizes and heights. Daffodils can be grown outdoors in the garden or indoors in containers.


Anemones are a unique and beautiful spring bulb that produces fine-looking flowers from late spring to mid-summer. Anemones are best suited to loamy soil, well enriched with manure. The plants thrive in partial shade or full sun, but need to be shielded from the afternoon sun, which is the hottest part of the day. Anemones belong to the buttercup family and there are hundreds of species in various colors. The more common Anemone colors include blue, white, crimson, purple and scarlet. The Glacier Anemone, for example, is a gorgeous white floweriTulip Bulbsng plant with a lovely purple-blue flame design on the petals. They make an excellent addition to any garden of springtime blooms.

Tulip Bulbs

Tulips are another favorite spring blooming bulb because it faithfully comes back every year. Tulip bulbs are perennial bulbs that are easy to grow and requires well-drained soil to prevent disease and fungus on the bulbs. Measuring from the base of the tulip bulb, it needs to be planted at least six inches deep into the soil. This will help the tulip bulbs to develop strong roots before they go into dormancy for the winter. Tulips are one of America’s most favorite imported spring bulbs from Holland. Plan ahead and your tulip garden can be a rainbow of colors from March through to May.  Tulip bulbs as well as many other spring blooming bulbs are available on Amazon.

Hyacinth Bulbs

The Dutch bulb growers have been cultivating hyacinth bulbs since the 17th century and there are more than 2000 varieties of hyacinth bulb available. This upright shaped flower spike with its beautiful colors is a grand addition to a spring garden. The bulbs need warm, loamy soil to flourish. Hyacinths are highly scented plants that are often grown indoors. It is recommended that Hyacinth bulbs be planted in mid-October to flower in spring. After flowering, the hyacinth bulbs can be removed from the soil and stored in a cool place till the next season. Hyacinths should never be planted two years in a row in the same place. The soil bed should be well dug up, given plenty of moisture and hop manure for the spring blooming to be profuse.