Ideas for a Recession Spring Break

How NOT to Break the bank this Spring Break

Spring break vacations may bring back many good memories. Spring break is a great time to get out and go.  However, the idea of taking a road trip at today's gas prices may put a damper on thoughts of a reasonably priced trip.  Your best friend is going to be the internet here.  First, of all  brainstorm your likes and preferences, then do your research.  Keep in mind that anywhere you go and no matter what you do,  businesses will almost always offer  group rates at a discount.  Whether you are taking a flight or cruise,  dinner out or a ball game,  you'll always get a discount if you get enough friends to join in on the fun!

Here are some tips to be frugal for a Recession-laden-Spring-Break:

5. Check to see if you can share a trip with friends,  another family, etc.  Sharing the cost of the gas will keep your overall cost down.  The mantra of spring break tends to be "the more the merrier" anyway, so why  not find others who might share similar tastes and preferences, or just find others who want to travel in the same direction as you.

4. Alternate modes of transportation.  Even in remote areas, there will be ways to use public transportation.  Comparison shop  the rates of planes, trains, and automobiles.  Usually, public transportation will cost you more only in time and not in your wallet!

3. Research your local areas on the internet.  Chances are there are many sights and getaway destinations that would make for a great spring trip without travelling too far.  Major attractions don't want to lose business either  in this recession so look for spring fling deals!

2.  Alternatives to the beach.  The beach will always be there.  This year you may want to make some wonderful memories at a more unique destination.  Plan a spring break that has a theme:  Sports Trip, Amusement Park Trip, Shopping Trip, Nature Trip, etc.  Your imagination and creativity are the only things  that will limit you!

1. Ditch the trip this year and volunteer!  A growing  trend in taking vacation trips, especially among students, is to ditch the idea of spending money on trip for break and finding an organization to donate your time and energy to.  Why not?  We all know something needs to change to make the world a better place…why not start with spring break?


Volunteer this spring break!

This video is about just one of many organizations that can help you give your time this spring!

Nature has many possibilities

nature's spring break

sports themed trips

catch a game or two with your friends

professional sports games cna be exciting to attend with a group of friends