A Few Quick Suggestions for Spring Break with the Kids

Spring Break Ideas


As of March 15th millions of kids across the country will be out of school for two whole weeks. And if you are a stay at home parent this can be a great time to get to know your kids a little better. But if you are a working parent, and most of us are, then you probably don’t have the time to spend watching them. But there’s no need to fret. This can be a great opportunity to let your child have an experience away from home that will help them discover their sense of self by bonding with other children in a safe and enriching environment.



Day Camps


When you send the kiddos off for their March break jungle gymCredit: morguefile.comyou have to decide which camp would be best for you child. There are camps for almost any type of activity you might want missy or junior to enjoy, from gaming to marine science to sports to special needs camps.

 The first decision you need to make is whether to send them off to a day camp nearby or to a sleep away camp that could be as far away as another state or country. If you are strapped for cash then you might want to look into some of the cheaper alternatives in and around your own home town.
Good sources of information on local day or overnight camps can usually be found at your local city parks, schools or community centers. These along with other searchable websites will help you find a camp that is close to you.


The Boy/Girl Scouts of Americabsa badgeCredit: morguefile.com

One good local organization you might consider is The Boy/Girl Scouts of America. You can usually find a local chapter or ‘troop’ in just about any city or town. The great thing about the Scouts is that they have a long history of providing a safe environment for the children in their organization while teaching them valuable life skills such as leadership and self-reliance. A typical day camp with the scouts, depending on the area that you are in might run you about $45 per child. A weekend camp can go for around $95 to $100 per child. A multi-week camp can cost up to $300 to $400 depending on what is included and where it’s being held.



 swimming pool(87613)Credit: morguefile.com

Another organization to consider: the local YMCA or YWCA. One great thing about the Y is that the activity costs are relatively low. Plus the activities available are pretty diverse ranging from Martial Arts to Caligraphy to Swimming and will usually blend physical exercise with social interaction. You’ll also want to send your kid with a lunch, a swimsuit and a quick change of clothes.  Another benefit is that the kids your children play with will most likely be local kids who your kid can play with routinely.




Generally speaking, the older the kid, the more expensive the camp. Overnight camps are a lot of  fun, but given the amount of supervision and meals provided, the costs are higher than traditional Day Camps.

You will want to make sure that any camp you consider is accredited through the American Camp Association. The ACA is a national organization that supervises all camps in America and makes sure that each camp follows a set of guidelines for safety and honesty in business.

And of course one added benefit of attending these institutions is that they will no doubt come in handy when summer rolls around and you need something good to occupy the kids for the summer months as well. That is where those new friends from the local Y will come in handy.