While spring break can be all about joy and pleasure among family and friends, it can also lead to unnecessary hassles if one does not follow precautions. The following tips will help you and your family stay safe under the sun during these much-cherished times.

If a baby is coming along, he/she should be kept out of the sunlight at all times. Protect your child by moving him/her to the shades under a roof, tree, umbrella, or other. Furthermore, dress him with light clothing that covers the arms, legs, and head if possible.

For kids, select a type of clothing that is easy on the skin, such as cotton. When choosing a type of sunscreen, try one best suited for children, especially if it's water-proof. Be careful of any allergic reactions your child may be unaware of. Apply a small amount around his/her back or forearms, and allow at least three to five minutes for results.

For the entire party, be aware that the sun's rays may be very strong during mid-day to around four to five in the afternoon. Try to avoid over-exposure to direct sunlight if possible.

Apply sunscreen at least every two hours. Also, when purchasing sunscreen, look for a phrase among the lines of Broad spectrum; these will protect you from ultraviolet A and B rays. Also, using an SPF of 15 (minimum) is recommended.

Do not rush the lotion over your body. Make sure to rub it carefully and cover every area that is easily exposed to sunlight. Apply the desired amount thirty minutes before going outdoors for maximum protection.

For overall safety, drink plenty of water even if you are not thirsty. Dehydration can occur a lot faster than anticipated under the sun. If you wait to actually feel thirsty, that's a sign delivered by your system that you are already dehydrating.

Avoid swimming alone, or try to stay within a safe swimming area where a lifeguard would easily see you.

If a storm hits, get out of the water and off the beach immediately, especially if lightning occurs.