Summer may seem a long way away right now. However, the 1st of February is a perfect time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe.

As part of your spring cleaning routine, now could be the perfect time to sort out your clothing. This can be doubly beneficial.

Empty one wardrobe, unit or cupboard first. Once the storage space is empty, you will be able to give it a thorough clean. Perhaps a lick of paint will help spruce up the area.

Next, begin to wade your way through all the clothes.

Most people are shocked to see just how much they have squeezed into their cupboards. If you have grown out of your clothes discard them. The odds are that you will never be able to wear them again. Even if you can, they will be either unfashionable by then or not right for you.

Be ruthless. If you are not all too many items will go straight back into your cupboards.

Now may also be a good time to sort your clothes into definite sections. For some people, this may be whole outfits being hung together. You may prefer to store certain colours together, or even specific items, such as trousers, or tops, into small sections.

Once you know what you are going to keep, assess which may need to be laundered. Clothes have a habit of becoming rather stale if stored for too long. A shake outside in some fresh air may suffice though. Remember to clean the coat hangers before replacing them in the storage space.

Clothes, which are no longer of any use to you, will need sorting also. Some will be suitable for re-sale, whilst others may be fine for your local charity shop. Check if there is any item, which can be altered or re-used. If you have to bin an item for recycling, remove the buttons and zips first, as they come in handy, somewhere along the line.

When you finish one space, begin on another.

Underwear drawers can be lined with scented paper after cleaning. Store empty perfume spray bottles in these drawers. Simply remove the lid or cap so that any lingering smell pervades your undies. Some people like to store fragrant soap in their knickers drawers.

You will probably be amazed at just how much space will now be in your cupboards.

You may also want to store winter clothes in a cupboard on their own. This will mean that the clothes are out of you way until they are needed next winter.


  • Be ruthless.
  • If you have not worn something for over a year, you probably never will.
  • Do not keep clothes more than one size too small or too large.
  • Ideally do not keep any clothes, which no longer fit you.
  • Recycle, reuse or donate what you can.

Whether you actually spring clean or not, most wardrobes and clothes cupboards will be ready for a good sort out. The end of winter means that we are all wanting to see what we have, that will be suitable for spring and summer.

Before you begin to spend, as if money was going out of fashion, clean, tidy, refresh, re-assess and recycle.