Creating The Perfect Bathroom

Get Rid of the Clutter

Spring cleaning can be refreshing once you get over the face that it is a lot of work. If you let yourself get overwhelmed by the thought of having to go through everything at one time, you aren’t likely to get much accomplished. Working through one room at a time will help you to feel less stressed and get more done than you thought possible. This article is going to talk about cleaning out your bathrooms and organizing them so that you can utilize the space that you have.


  • It’s time to clean out the cupboard of all of the old skin care, make up, soaps and hair care products that have expired or that you no longer use. You don’t need to hold on to those adorable little gift baskets full of body oils and lotions if they are no longer useful.
  • If you have multiple bottles of the same things, consolidate them into one. I know that some of us will purchase multiple items of the same thing when they are on sale. Usually, we end up with 2 things opened at one time. Either use up one of them, or pour them together into one bottle so that you can get rid of the other one. It’s just taking up space that you could really use for something more beneficial.
  • Get rid of old medications. If they are expired, then they are no longer useful anyway. Gather up all your old medications and take them to your local pharmacy so they can get rid of in a healthy manner.
  • Buy some clear totes and labels and use those for items such as: band aides, ointments, gauze, and other medical supplies. You can use these totes for some of the smaller hair care supplies: hair bands, dyes, bobby pins, clips and other items of this type. They work great for feminine care products as well.
  • Use a locked box (if you have little ones in the house) for all of your medications so that you can securely store them in one place. This way, you always know where they are and that they are safely put away. This is great too just in case there is an emergency and you need to grab your medications in a hurry. Everything is already stored in a case and ready to go.
  • Since everything is now safely stored in totes underneath your sink, you may have a couple of drawers freed up in your bathroom. Use these to store washcloths and an extra set of towels in.
  • Add an over the toilet rack to your bathroom. Here is where you can place the items that you need near your toilet: extra toilet paper, wipes, and anything else that you may need close by. This is especially helpful for people who require medical assistance in the restrooms.


Clearing out the bathroom will be one less thing that you need to do now to complete your spring cleaning chore. Keeping it cleaned up will be much easier when everything has its own designated place and it’s always better when you don’t have to search for things.