Spring Cleaning!!

It’s almost that time of year again, where the flowers bloom, baseball begins and leaves once more adorn the trees.  Spring.  What do they say, Spring hopes eternal?  Maybe I’m off there, but who cares, let’s talk about some spring cleaning tips that will get you started on the path to a clean and healthy home this season.Spring Cleaning Time


Let’s start with the basic living areas, first the living room.  Living rooms are repositories for dust and dirt.  The carpets and upholstery hold in dirt particles for years and can become a real problem if left unattended.  That’s why spring cleaning in your living room is so important.  So let’s get started.  First, we want to get all of the dust down from light fixtures, ceiling fans, corners and blinds.  No use cleaning the furniture and carpet beneath them twice.  Once everything is dusted, move to the furniture Dust off any TV units, arm tables, coffee tables etc.  Notice the them, get rid of that dust!  Use a damp rag so that you actually collect the dust rather simply pushing it around.  Be careful on that ladder though, spring cleaning isn’t a contact sport!


Now that all of the high dusting is done, and you’re safely back on the ground, time to get started with the upholstered furniture.  Let’s assume that you have cloth seating, leather is a whole different cleaning process for another day.  First you want to pull all of the cushions off of the couch and lay them on the floor.  Grab a semi-stiff bristled brush and begin to rub the surface of the cushions lightly, just to stir up any trapped dust and dirt.  You will be able to see small puffs of dust with every stroke, especially around the corners.  Once the dust is kicked up, grab your vacuum, hopefully with a wand, and thoroughly vacuum each cushion to remove the dust and dirt.  Some of you will have zip off cushions, in which case I recommend throwing the covers in the wash.


Next let’s take a look at those mangy baseboards.  Talk about a place that collects a lot of dirt that nobody pays attention to.  Your looking at it.  Grab a rag and some all purpose cleaner and put some elbow grease into those baseboards.  You’ll be amazed what comes off of them.


Now that the house keeping is one its way, we need to take a look at the carpet.  You will need to spend a few dollars here and rent a carpet extractor for this one.  Think of all the dirty shoes that have scuffed their way across that rug.  And you’re going to let you family lay on that?!  You can get an extractor for 24 hours from your local grocery store for about $35.  Well worth it, let me tell you.  Get a bottle of cleaning solution, mix with water per the instructions and off you go.  Who knew cleaning the house could be so fun? 


Be on the look out for more spring cleaning articles where I will go into detail on some of the other dirty rooms in our homes.