Do you dread spring cleaning? Do you try to figure out only those things that you need to do?  Do you feel like someone knows something that you don't?  Luckily, there are some tips for cleaning your house in an orgainzed manner.

Preparing to Spring Clean

When you need to clean the house, you want to make sure that you have a plan.  Of course the amount of time and the difficulty of the task is based on the size of your house and the amount of possessions that you have.

Organization is the key.  Do not start a project like this without thinking about how you are going to tackle it.  Make a plan that will be the least disruptive to your schedule.  Try to clean the areas that your family uses the most first.  Try to clean only one area a day at the most.  For instance, most people use their kitchens on a regular basis. So, you might want to do the kitchen on a weekday when the children are in school.  You should clean the floors early in the day or late in the day when most people are sleeping.

Tips For Some Areas In Your Home


The best way to organize your pantry is by grouping like items.  Try to organize like a grocery store.   There are a ton of ways to organize your pantry but you want to make sure that you pick the things that are best for your space. 


Sometimes people find that it is hard to organize cans. Since they are different sizes, shapes, and types it may seem to difficult to organize them.  There are a few ways to organize cans.

By Type: One way to organize cans (and my favorite way) is by the type of product and the expiration date. Most people buy a lot of the same types of products. 

Size: Another way to organize cans is by their size. If you only have a little amount of space you could arrange cans based by the size. 

Use Products: You can also purchase can organizers that will automatically rotate your products.  You can find some great ones online.


No one likes to clean a kitchen cabinet but it must be done.  Look at your dishes and make sure that you don’t have any chips in them.  If you have chips throw the dish away.  Go through your cabinets and look to see if you have things that you aren’t using.  Put any items that you are not using into a box to store in another place or sale in a garage sale.


This is the time to deep clean the bathroom.  Clean all of the decorative towels that you have in the bathroom. Clean any pictures, glass, and windows. Clean out the medicine cabinet.  Throw out any old medicine or unfinished medicine (please discard it properly.  You can find the directions online).  Clean underneath the bathroom sink. Throw away any items that you are not using. 

The Computer

The amount of grime that a computer can accumulate is really disgusting.  Honestly, you should be cleaning your computer more than a couple of times a year.   If you have a desktop you should take the time to unplug and move  the computer.  Dust your desk and all the computer hardware.  Make sure that you clean the keyboard as well.


Cleaning a closet can be a nightmare.  Each season you should go through the previous seasons clothes.  So for spring cleaning you should go through all of your winter clothes.  Donate any clothes that are too small or that you do not wear on a regular basis.  Throw away any clothes that are too damaged (you know, those that have holes or are too faded).   If you have a lot of clothes consider getting some thin hangers.  Yes, they cost more than the wire hangers but they will also keep your clothes hanging in your closet in a proper manner. They are well worth the price.  

Take the time to check your shoes.  If you are female look at all of your heels and see if they are worn.  Make sure that your tennis shoes are not too scuffed up.  If there are shoes that you don’t wear any more (yes, fashion does change), then you should donate those. 

Linen Closet

Linen closets are some of the most difficult places to organize.  Most people have a ton of linens that they do not even need.  If you have more than you need you should store You actually only need about two sets of sheets for every bed that you have.  I don’t know about you but I have more than one shelf of sheets. 

Towels: You can also cut down on the amount of towels that you have.  Each person in your family probably needs a set of two towels. 

Blankets: If you have extra blankets you should put them in plastic storage bags. Some of the storage bags that work the best for my comforters and quilts are the big and storage bags.


Even in this digital age, you probably still have a lot of papers that you need to organize.  If you want to organize your paper in the best way, you should first sort through your papers.  Yes, sort through all of them.  It may seem intimidating at first, but taking the time to organize your papers will save you time later.  After you sort through your papers, scan all of the papers that you feel comfortable scanning.  I try to scan all of my receipts from the previous year before it is tax time.  One of the best devices to scan papers is the Fujitiscan.

Family & Living Room

Move the furniture in your rooms and give the floors a deep cleaning.  Dust the entertainment centers and any wood in the space.  Wash the walls, there are probably fingerprints that you didn’t notice.

There are easy ways to spring clean your house.  Just take it one step at a time.