I bet you can’t wait to start working in your garden? Now is the perfect time to get a jump on planting those spring flowers. If you have always wanted a rose bush, then this is the perfect time to start planting. Finding the perfect rose is not that difficult if you follow a few simple rules to ensure optimal results. Here are some things to consider when purchasing roses.

First, what kind of roses interest you? Do you like full compact blooms or soft open petals. Are you dreaming of rose bushes adorning a sunny spot in your yard, or do you envision a canopy of fast climbers peaking over a trellis. Maybe you want roses that bloom all summer long, or you might just prefer those with the most fragrance. Is winter a consideration in your selections? These are all important questions when you are on your quest for finding the perfect rose or roses for your garden.

While you are considering this, you should examine your landscape and determine what is appropriate for your space. If you only limited to a small space for a planting bed, then miniatures or climbers might be the best choice. You will want to plant your roses in loamy well drained soil. Poor soil can easily be amended to accommodate your new plants, but there must be ample sunlight in order for roses to survive. Roses require at least six hours of sunlight a day. Not only that, air circulation is a must. You need to make sure that you have enough room in your chosen spot to allow for this.

Research your plants before purchasing them, and find out what varieties are indigenous to your area. Visit public gardens in your town to learn more about these plants and what works for them. Go to local nurseries and ask questions before purchasing anything, however keep in mind that they are there to sell plants, so you will want some education about roses before you inquire. It is wise to know what zone you live in and what roses grow better than others in your zone.

If you are looking for climbers, Altissimo is a great choice. It produces bright red blooms and works well in zones 5-9. For pink flowers, Compassion is a great choice for the same zone. Dublin Bay is a crimson climber, and Mermaid yields yellow roses. Silver Moon produces white flower and all choice work well in the aforementioned zones. John Cabot is a deep pinkish red climbing rose and William Baffin is a robust rose that deep pink hues with golden centers and both species do well in zone two. The Prairie Princess is a fragrant flower that has large double pink blossoms and does well in zone 4. The dark red Quadra J.F. features double blooms and is hardy in zone 3. I love climbing roses and that is why I listed some of these hardy plants here, but a good place for finding the perfect rose for your particular area is by viewing the selections at the All America Rose Selections site. They can point you to the perfect rose for your part of the country.

It is very important to keep your roses pruned. In the winter you will want to lower the height, and in the spring you need to thoroughly prune your roses for lots of blooms. Picture the branches with the arms opened up and outward as you prune. Remove branches that rub against each other and invite diseases. Always disinfect pruners when you are done. Spring flowers are beautiful and roses gives the garden a feel of mystery and romance. Finding the perfect rose for your garden will be easier hopefully after reading this article. I wish you much success in your quest.