Spring Flowers, Plants and Hanging Baskets

Tip-Top Spring Garden

Spring is a really busy time for enthusiastic gardeners who have sheltered from the unpleasant winter. Plants, too, have been dormant underground and hopefully protected from heavy  frosts but they are beginning to wake up to a warmer and sunnier climate. Even the birds are singing a loud dawn chorus and are starting to build nests ready for their new families.

If you have planned ahead whilst you've been trapped indoors, then you will have maSpring Gardening Top Tips(91339)Credit: clipartguide.comde a list of jobs you will need to do so that your Spring garden will be at its best. Gardening in Spring is an exciting time. You've probably forgotten some of the plants that you lovingly added to your garden last year. And you will probably exclaim with happiness when you re-discover these hidden treasures.

You'll need to trim back all those overhanging winter shrubs that have lost their shape and taken up some of the space you will need for your Spring plants and flowers.

Top Tips

So, first of all, start a coSpring Gardening Top Tips(91345)Credit: Terrie Plowmanmpost heap or use a compost bin. Collect all the rubbish that has accumulated over the winter, like dead leaves and old growth  from plants.

Plant shrubs and perennials such as hostas and day lilies. There is such a variety of hostas available and the variegated ones, greens and whites, add an interesting touch of class. Plant different varieties next to each other to emphasize their differences in colour and leaf patterns. Choose a cool, cloudy day, if possible, to do your planting so that leaves do not get scorched.

Sow seeds like sweet peas and poppies and vegetables such as lettuce, spinach or herbs like parsley.

You will be trying to get a great deal of colour from your Spring flowers to brighten up your garden, but there are other ways to add colour. Visit your local garden centre and choose some plant pots in various sizes and colours. You can then add to this splash of colour by planting flowers that will bloom into equally vibrant colours. Patio furniture, too, can add an extra dimension to the colours you are trying to create.

If you have a large garden, choose a range of different materials to cover the ground. This includes paving, gravel and decking. Different materials will add interest to your garden.

Hanging baskets or pots filled with climbing plants will enhance a plain wall or fence.

Consider making your garden steps a feature by combining decking and slate.

Add scented plants for an added dimension. Try planting lavender along the edges of a border. The borderSpring Gardening Top Tips(91337)Credit: romeofthewest.com will draw your eye along the garden.

Create a focal point at the end of your garden. This will draw the eye to the garden boundary and allow all the wonderful colour throughout the garden to be viewed at once. You could place a sculpture or an exotic plant or a piece of furniture for your focus.

Don't use all your best ideas for your private back garden.  Your front garden will benefit from a display of well-placed spring plants and flowers, too.

Spring Lawns

The winter may have affected your lawn and now, at the beginning of Spring, it looks neglected. It will need a series of processes to make it look good for the summer months.

First, the moss should be removed.  Scarifying or dethatching or raking removes the dead moss. It will probably be an arduous process but well worth the effort.

Lawn aeration will relieve the soil that has compacted in previous months. It will encourage more vigorous growth.

If the lawn has been left looking thin by removing the moss, then some re-seeding will need to be done. But overseeding is usually only required if the lawn looks really bad.

Apply a Spring fertiliser to help the grass to thicken. Spring Gardening Top TipsCredit: romeofthewest.com

You will find that weeds are beginning to appear so late Spring is a good time to get rid of them.

Finally, don't forget to have your lawn mower serviced during the winter so that it is ready for the first cut of the season.

Those winter months need not be idly passed when you can't get into the garden. You can place orders for your Spring plants, Spring flowers and hanging baskets. Visit the garden centres for ideas. Make sure your gardening implements are in good condition and have been preserved through the winter. Curl up in the warmth of your own home and enjoy reading your well-thumbed gardening books.

When the new season arrives, you will be ready and waiting with a new vigour to tackle your Spring gardening.

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