Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and get some fresh air.  The winter months tend to be so long that we always look forward for spring to come. 

Springtime is beautiful when you see that the birds are out and they  begin to start chirping.  We wake up each morning listening to the birds singing. The bird feeders are getting used more often by the birds which can be entertaining to watch.  People tend to fill the bird feeders more often.  The bird bathes are being used as the birds enjoy playing and flapping their wings in the bird bath.  Birds  have built their nests and are laying their eggs for their youngsters to be born. It is always enjoyable seeing new life begin in the spring when the birds have had their babies.   The birds are teaching their newborn how to fly.  Just the sound of the birds singing brings enjoyment to our ears.  What a beautiful time of the year just listening and watching the birds.  Spring is so beautiful with all the different kinds of birds outside.  Springtime is an excellent time to take beautiful pictures of the birds playing in their bird bathes and eating from their bird feeders and even just flying around.  Hummingbirds are incredibly awesome birds.  The photos that can be taken of them while they are eating from their feeders or while they have stopped at their favorite perennial is breathtaking.  

Springtime is beautiful because the warmer weather is starting and the snow and ice is disappearing.  The sun starts to shine a little more as it gets lower in the sky and heats up the earth.  You see more people outside enjoying the warm weather.  You see more people walking and even just sitting outside with the warmer weather.  With the sun shining, more people are enjoying  the lighter weight clothing as they start wearing shorts and t-shirts.  People begin to start soaking up the sun with the warmer weather.  We can’t ask for a better time of the year than spring with the warmer sunnier weather. 

Spring is a beautiful time of the year because the trees start budding and blooming.  The trees are full of leaves in no time and can be enjoyed with all the different shapes, sizes and colors of the different leaves.

In the spring,  people start mowing their lawns to get their lawns looking nice.  Spring is the time that people also start spreading the fertilizer to kill all the weeds.  Lawns beginning looking green instead brown which is what it looked like all winter long.  The lawns begin looking healthy like it has a new life with the beautiful green color. 

 In spring, people start planting their plants and the perennials are starting to bloom.  The smell of the flowers as well as the beautiful colors are breathtaking.  In spring, there are such a wide variety of beautiful annuals and perennials that are so gorgeous when they have bloomed.  Spring is a beautiful time of the year to get those plants in the ground so that you can enjoy the variety of colors as well as the smell after they have bloomed.  There are so many beautiful photos that are taken during the springtime of all the variety of different colors of flowers, plants and bushes.

In spring, you can see people starting to put their garden together by planting the seeds for their fruits and vegetables. Having a garden takes a lot of work between planting, weeding, watering and just keeping up with the upkeep of having a garden.  Even with the hard work of maintaining a garden, it is well worth it.  There is nothing better than a fresh tomato out of the garden or a fresh cucumber picked the day you plan on eating it.  There is so much that can be planted in a garden from a variety of different fruits to an assortment of different vegetables to even pumpkins that can be enjoyed during Halloween.  If you are a vegetable or fruit lover, a garden is the way to go and should be put in during springtime.

There are so many more people out walking during the springtime.  The spring always seems to bring out more people.  It is so healthy to walk and run and that is what we see so much of when the weather starts to warms up.  People enjoy getting out on the walking trails or even just on the sidewalks along with their kids and dogs and enjoy the fresh air and the smell of spring along with the warmer weather.  You also see more people out riding their bike during the springtime.  You can see people riding their bike for exercise, for races and even out with their family enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful weather. 

 The start of campfires or bonfires in the fire pit starts back up in the springtime.  The smell of the campfires outside smells so good.  People start making s’mores while they are enjoying the springtime weather.  This is a beautiful time to put some hot dogs on a stick and cook them over the campfire as well.  Campfires are perfect during the springtime to enjoy sitting by the fire, talking and visiting with family and friends as well as making something delicious over the burning wood.

Springtime is also an excellent time to do some spring cleaning.  Open up the windows to get some fresh air in.  Most likely, the windows have been closed up all winter long and the house is stale smelling because of it.  Open up those windows and air out the house.  Now is a good time to clean the windows inside and out.  Be sure to clean around the window trimming as part of the spring cleaning.  Get those light shades from the chandeliers down and wash the lamp shades to get the dust and bugs out.  What better way to enjoy the freshness of spring when your house smells fresh like the springtime air.

 Springtime brings so many things that people can enjoy.  Whether it be enjoying the birds building their nests and watching them bring new life into this world, eating the delicious fruit and vegetables out of your garden, enjoying the long overdue warmer weather, the smell and beauty of the flowers that are blooming, sitting by the campfires or just the simple enjoyment of being outside riding your bike and taking a nice relaxing walk or run.  Spring is such an awesome and beautiful time of the year.