Looking Chic this Spring

It's that time of year again - the transition season from winter to spring! The climate during the month of March is super unpredictable.   Everyone wants to wear that trendy new dress right when they get it, but it is much smarter to hold off than it is to freeze your butt off.  Getting dressed in March is often difficult, but here are some quick tips. 

Go crazy with layers!  Cardigans in neutral tones are great - they'll take you from March to April and beyond.   No wardrobe is complete without a basic black cardigan.  The right cardigan can make a lightweight leather jacket into a much warmer outer layer.

Try ordering some cardigans from online websites.  Often, cardigans go on sale right after Christmas!  February is a great time to stock up in post-New Years sales.  I rarely buy anything from big department stores during the Holidays.  There’s no point!  Everything goes on sale right after the Holidays anyway.  There are also a lot of websites online where you can get winter clothes on sale right after the Holiday Season.

Semi-sheer, feather-weight cardigans work well over a neutral base layer for a casual, comfortable outfit!  Remember, a cardigan may be added to almost any outfit.  Try one with your cocktail dress, or with a bright pair of denim jeans and a basic tanktop.  This kind of look is perfect for going to school or work.  On the weekends, a nice black sheer cardigan layered beneath a leather jacket should keep you pretty warm.  And, should the weather heat up, you can always remove the cardigan layer and just wear the leather jacket over your tank! 

"Blanket" style cardigans are great for when the weather is even cooler.  A big blanket cardigan is ideal to wear to your kid’s soccer game, or to just about any outdoor event.  Blanket cardigans are definitely warm and cozy!  

Another layer to keep in mind are leggings.  Leggings are a huge trend, but make sure you wear a shirt that's long in the back and covers your butt, so you  don't look like you are going to the gym.   In the fashion industry, we refer to this style of shirt as a tunic. 

You can also wear leggings under your trendy spring dress if you are too excited about your little dress to hold off until it's actually warm enough to wear without stockings.  Leggings are generally a little warmer than traditional panty-hose, so they're a smart option.

Hats are also another essential for early Spring weather.  We love the way floppy hats look with all sorts of outfits – they look super fresh for weekend dressing.  Plus, they can totally camouflage some not-so-wonderful hair days. 

Good luck shopping for your hot spring outfits that keep you warm! 

Sexy Cardigans

Sexy CardigansCredit: http://www.flirtcatalog.comCredit: http://www.flirtcatalog.com