Although you may want to use sweaters, jeans, onesies and t-shirts to make your kids look fashionable this year, the latest trends are quite different. This year, fashion designers have given children's fashion the same treatment usually reserved for men's and women's collections.

Here is a sneak peek into some of the goodies the fashion world has in store for kids in the SS2013 chapter:

1. Spring - Winter White

Snow white is the color trend to dress your girls in this season. You can feature this hue in everything - from bomber jackets with white fur lining details to elegant gold and white dresses.

Baby girl dresses can also include an empire waist with satin bow, sheer short sleeves and other details in white. The color works well for dresses to use at formal events without hindering your little girls from drifting around and having the time of their lives.


2. Layering

Although spring is already here, the cold may linger for longer. You will thank heavens for the latest layering techniques for children. To layer successfully, consider pairing unexpected pieces and items of clothing. This way, your children will still be active and keep warm. 

You can choose oversized knee- length scarves and similar vests for girls. Boys have such smart options as sturdy vest layered on top of silvery- grey sports coats. So long as the scarves are not puffy, the layering will make your kids look trendy this season.


3. Tangerine- Red

Tangerine Tango was hot last year. This season, however, the hue for kids has matured with the addition of red. Amazingly, the result looks universally wearable and interest. Some designers are using this color sparingly such as on vibrant gloves added to quiet ensembles.

For boys, consider getting straight- legged and rolled up denim trousers with the college treatment. Pair these with pea coats, cardigans or cashmere scarves in muted shades. You can also feature them with bomber vests.

This season, you also need to use a broke of colors including popular neon, frozen and navy grays, metal a shine, sorbet pastels, not- too- mellow yellow and fair pinks. You will be excited watching your kids in pastel tones especially when summer comes.


4. 1950s

Girls need to look all spice and sugar this season - like those adorable pictures from the 1950s. To achieve the right detailing, use a peek- a- boo crinoline peeping under full dresses and skirts. Alternatively, get soft pink coats and match them with boots to show the crinoline sweeping from beneath.

However, as you try to get your kids clothing to look fashionable, place their comfort first. The more comfortable the clothes, the better your kids will feel and look. For instance, consider getting the fall waistline dresses for your girls.

With these trends, you should expect your beautiful little ones to look like perfect little gentlemen and ladies this season. This is especially if you get them to wear trends from the 1950s.