Where to find the best coffee in Springfield, Missouri

Springfield, for being something less than a big city, has more than its fair share of coffee venues, and I believe it's safe for me to say that I've been in nearly all of them. I'm not a coffee enthusiast. I like my coffee to be smooth and mild. Espresso is something that, to me, needs a lot of milk, chocolate and sugar before it is enjoyable, but in spite of that I've learned how to taste a good shot and a bad shot- to know when the milk has been over cooked in my cappuccino and to taste the difference between too light and too dark of a roast.

To this day, I cannot make a good pot of coffee. I've tried everything from Folgers in a can to grinding my own beans, and I have yet to make a pot of coffee that thrilled my soul, so I'm always glad to tag along with my husband to his favorite coffee shops for a rich and smooth white chocolate latte, or a stout, lightly sweetened caramel macchiato.

Here a list of my top five-

5.  The Hub

811 N Boonville Ave

Located close to historic Commercial Street, one side is a bicycle shop, the other a coffee shop, The Hub has a very quiet, eclectic atmosphere where you can enjoy your music, books and coffee in peace.  You kind of have to create your own drink, as they have a minimalist menu, but will do whatever you ask them to. Their mocha is not overly sweet, but does have a wonderful chocolate flavor, and their straight shots are pretty fun, though a bit "sharper" than I like.

4. Coffee Ethic

124 Park Central Square

A little sharper than I like, as far as flavor goes, but they've been steadily improving over the last couple of years, and they're now pushing their way to the top. Their green-earth environment and chic design are fun and bright, and their flavors leave very little to be desired. Another minimalist menu- don't be afraid to ask for flavors that meet your wishes!

3.  Fog City

1300 E Battlefield Street

 A lovely little café feeling dropped into the middle of a parking lot of a shopping center; Fog City is always worth the stop. Reasonable prices and very smooth, rich flavors make it a pleasing experience.  Their jazzy menu makes choosing a drink a lot of fun, with options like "Vanillazilla Latte"  and "Hazelnut Mocha Indulgence." They also have a lovely selection of salads, sandwiches and pastries.  

2. Starbucks

Multiple Locations

Cliche as it is- You've gotta love Starbucks. Their Pike's roast never offends me when straight black (it's hard for me to find a coffee I'll drink black) and with a bit of cream and sugar (Splenda) it's downright pleasant. Their drive through makes them incredibly easy to access, and while their prices aren't exactly in the inexpensive category, you can get a coffee for less than the price of a gallon of gas, and for many people that's more than worth it.

1. Mudhouse Downtown

323 South Ave

These people. ROCK. They do not fail. EVER. Mudhouse embodies every positive aspect of every other coffee shop in Springfield- the eclectic atmosphere, the bold, rich flavors, the fun menu, (who can argue with drinks named "Mudskipper," "Very Berry Mocha," "Sugar Daddy Latte" and the "Lover's Latte"??) and the amazing lunch/dinner cafe menu. Their freshly baked bread makes fantastic sandwiches, their portions are generous, their soups are robust--this place is THE place.