Springleaf Financial Easy Money Lending

Springleaf financial lending has been a source of of borrowing quick cash from it's inception in 1920. Founded in Evansville, Indiana, the company was originally known as Interstate Finance Corporation. Their original business structure was to underwrite sales of Inland Motor Trucks and vehicles.  The officially changed their name to Springleaf Financial in 2011.

Springleaf Financial Lending History?

Springleaf Financial Services is also one of the premier loan providers in the UK  and is ever bit as popular as it is in the US, although the loan provider started in the US. For more than 90 years they have been extending credit to those borrowers who might be turned down by conventional lenders, yet they are also consider a "conventional " lender instead of a "bad credit" or "subprime" lending institution.  

According to 2005 statistics, the company has over $25 Billion in assets and has recently gone through some restructuring due to the 2008 housing market fall-out. In the year 2011, this company has become a giant of financial services in the United Kingdom and in the United States. Millions of families in the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and the Virginia Islands have benefited  from Springleaf Financial Services. They provide bill consolidation loans, personal loans, home improvement loans, loans for unexpected expenses and vacations. Springleaf Financial Services has an unbeatable customer services that provide cost-effective solutions through their various installment and retail programs. The success behind this company is that they believe in open communication and provide exceptional customer services. They respect people and consider them as their major asset. Springleaf Financial Services have branches in 40 states located in the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and of course, all over America.


Why Lenders Lend To People With Bad Credit?

People with bad credit history really have a problem in getting a loan through conventional sources since conventional source rely heavily on a borrower's good credit rating. However, because of the day and time we are living in, many lenders lend to people with bad credit because of the economic crisis and the fact that everyone is suffering, including the loan and lending institution.  Nowadays, you may even find big banks who have a special department for lending to people with bad credit.

Fair Isaac Credit Organization score (FICO) is a measurement of a borrower’s credit status. A credit score of 700 or higher is treated as an excellent score, 680-699 is good and 620-679 is fair. Depending on the lending institution, the scale may be slightly adjusted. There are financial institutions where a 605 credit score is considered fair credit and can get you into a different category of lending. However, using this scale, if the credit score is below 679 it will be treated as poor or bad credit.  Traditional lenders limit themselves to provide loans for bad credit people, afterall, they are in business to make money and they don't want the added risk of dealing with people with bad credit. This neglect from conventional lenders opened up an entire category that caters to people with bad credit.  Seeing that they are losing money, many so called conventional lenders have started to make provisions for those who have bad credit to obtain credit cards and personal loans. Afterall almost 20 percent of population have poor or bad credit, and this is an awful lot of business to lose.

As a borrower, you must understand that credit rating is not the only criteria to be eligible for a loan. Unlike traditional lenders, the modern online lenders take other things into consideration while processing your personal loan application. They go case by case and check your employment history, equity, property and your savings, collateral etc. These factors enhance your loan eligibility and you can get loan with a fair interest rate. The rule of thumb is that if you bad credit you will be charged a higher interest rate because the risk is higher for lenders, however, there are some that will lend to you at a reasonable rate. There are several financial services that listen to your emergency situation (such as unemployment, medical expenses, accidents etc.) that caused your credit rating to plummet and consider those factors as they process your loan request. Finally, these lenders have witnessed many bad credit borrowers becoming very good re-payers of the money they borrow so they know there is more to a person than what their credit score says. Springleaf Financial provides a proper financial solution that suits your circumstances that also helps you to build up your credit score.


How Much Can I Borrow Using Springleaf Financial?

Springleaf Financial Services offer loans for those borrowers who need money quickly, primarily who have been rejected from other banks due to bad credit scores. They offer secured and unsecured loans from $1000 to $25,000 and even more according to your needs and budget.  Springleaf Financial Lending has a fast and friendly approach in providing loans to the borrowers. Their anthem is ‘Lending made easy’ which itself illustrates how easy it is to deal with Springleaf Financial lending. Personal loans are offered in three simple steps.

  • Step1: Apply online
  • Step2: Visit a branch office
  • Step3: Receive funds

You can also apply for a loan over phone or directly through the nearest local branch. You can apply for a personal loan right online on their website and get a decision right away. You can also find out the closest branch to you from their website. 


What Types Of Loans Can I Get From Springleaf Financial Lending Services?

Springleaf Financial services provides different type of loans. Apart from personal loans, they offer loans for bill consolidation, home improvements, vacations, emergency loans or unexpected expenses, college tuition expenses and even for major purchases.  Springleaf Financial personal loan provides the cash for almost any of your expenses. The personal loans that they offer do not have prepayment penalties and they also have fixed interest rates that you can afford to pay on monthly basis.

There are instances where your medical bills, credit card bills and unexpected bills have piled up and have been a bottle-neck for you. It is easy to manage a consolidated payment than managing too many small bills. Springleaf financial offers variety of personal loans which will reduce your monthly payments and improve your budget. They have flexible terms and conditions that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Springleaf financial offers home improvements loan in an easy and convenient way. The loan covers purchasing all kinds of products or services to enhance the look or value of your home. Whether you think of a small or large improvement plan, Springleaf helps you.

Are you worried about how to meet your child’s college expenses? No worries! Springleaf financial offers personal loans to cover part of full expenses of college tuition fees. You can choose to repay in affordable monthly installments. There are no prepayment penalties.

In case you are planning for a vacation or planning to purchase costly accessories for your home, Springleaf Financial helps with personal loans to meet your needs. Are you planning to buy a HD TV? Springleaf financial helps with personal loans for these purchase as well. There are no prepayment penalties and the personal loan will be provided with affordable fixed monthly payments.

An unexpected expense may arise at any time in a family where you will need to get emergency cash fast. Whether it may be due to medical expenses, car repair or home appliances maintenance, Springleaf finance personal loan almost for any purposes. Springleaf Financial Services loan experts will work with you to offer the best personal loan with an affordable repayment plan. You can apply online for a personal loan or drop in to the nearest Springleaf Financial Lending branch. 


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