Every woman wants to look beautiful and in style, but during the spring and summer months, easy clothes are, well, so much easier. However, this year, the fashion designers have given us some looks that are attractive but will not cause you to break the bank or a sweat.

For every situation from the business meeting to a night at the movies, the fashion industry has given us the shirt dress. This simple dress can be worn with high heels or sandals, a beach hat or a briefcase. Not only does the shirt dress complement almost any figure, but it is comfortable too!

Designers have brought back denim for this season. Now, no one wants a repeat of the eighties with head to toe denim, so, this year, pick one article of clothing to be denim. For example, pair a cute tailored denim jacket with a flirty floral dress and sandals, or a denim bag with a linen outfit. Denim is sturdy and casual without being sloppy.

Many designers have presented jumpsuits as part of their spring collections. Not every woman feels comfortable in a jumpsuit, but if you do – go for it! Well done make up and some bright jewelry turn the jumpsuit into a powerful statement of confidence and grace.

Shorts are a staple of springtime fashion, and this year is no different. Look for well-fitting Bermuda shorts in khaki or primary colors. Also, many designers have shorts made from fancier materials, such as silk or leather. This year you can express more of yourself in your clothing without having to bake in long pants.

As for colors and patterns, the designers have given us a wide selection to choose from this year. Prominent during spring fashion week were soft colors such as coral or peach. Find a shade that works with your skin tone and this article of clothing can be very versatile. Wear a coral shirt with a black pantsuit for business, or pair it with khakis for a more casual event.

Also fashionable is plaid. Whether a cute pair of plaid flats, or a soft and comfortable plaid "boyfriend" shirt, this pattern works for almost anyone. Try to avoid mixing patterns, as that can so easily go wrong. Instead, match your plaid with solid colors, and use the pattern as a dramatic accent.

These are just a few of the latest looks for this season. They are the easiest to wear and the easiest to add to a closet without needing a whole new wardrobe. Of course, as always, the most important element to being fashionable is confidence. If you feel comfortable and beautiful in your clothes, everyone will see you as gorgeous!