Victoria is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year. However, if I had to pick one season that visitors should see this city. it would have to be springtime.  It is absolutely beautiful.

Entire streets are transformed with trees that are bursting with pink and white blossoms. Tulips, daffodils, daisies, magnolias, rhododendrons and more bloom over a period of about three months.

I've lived here for about twenty years, and am still amazed at the beauty we enjoy every spring. Most other residents of Victoria feel the same way, and  don't take it for granted either. If you like flowers and gardens, you would absolutely love a vacation in our area.

Victoria is a very popular destination for thousands of tourists each year.  We welcome people from the United States, Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world. Here you will find lots of images and descriptions of the best of Victoria in the springtime. I hope you enjoy learning about Victoria if you have not been here before.

Victoria BC Inner HarbourCredit:,_Downtown_Victoria_BC.JPG

Enjoying Nature in Victoria

We have a long spring season in Victoria. Pansies, heather and primula grow all winter. The first tree blossoms may appear as early as February.  

 It is difficult to say exactly when we will see the first blossoms.  It depends on what our winter weather is like. The peak time for enjoying blossoms is April. We have cherry, apple, and chestnut trees that are colorful  and a dream for photographers. Dogwood and Magnolia trees can be seen in the Victoria area  as well. The Dogwood also happens to be our provincial flower.

When I first moved here, I had never seen a Magnolia or  rhododenron in bloom.  Victoria has plants, trees and flowers that don't grow in other parts of Canada.  Our mild climate is the envy of the country and it is a gardener's delight.  Almost anything can thrive here. 

Rhododendrons in Victoria BCCredit: My own

Our rhododendrons come in many colors, including pink, red, mauve, white and yellow. Some of them grow enormously big.  The image above will give you some idea of what I mean.  I came across this particular one after it had passed its peak time but it was still quite a remarkable sight. The rhododendrons do not all bloom at the same time.  For this reason there will be weeks for people to view the magnificent blossoms.  

Some varieties of rhododendrons show off their flowers in the winter, although the majority are seen from the middle of  March until May. The flower, which is trumpet like and reminds me of a miniature Easter lily is one of my favorites.

Tulips at Butchart GardensCredit: My own



Spring Time in Oak Bay, a Victoria Area Community

This video was recorded in the month of March

Victoria's Hanging Flower Baskets

 For many years  Victoria has had a tradition of hanging flower baskets on lamp posts throughout the downtown area. Many businesses also participate by hanging their own baskets.  Hanging Basket in Victoria BCCredit: My own

The hanging flower baskets have  proven to be so popular that many communities throughout Vancouver Island (where Victoria is located) have decided to do the same thing. They certainly add to the beauty and charm.  Visitors often comments on these huge arrangements and how stunning they are.

The baskets are usually hung in early May, and are taken down the end of September. We would love to have them up longer, but it costs the city quite a bit to maintain. In the summer we can go weeks without rain.  Trucks must go around very early in the morning to water them regularly. That keeps them looking beautiful all season.

The Best Places to See the Spring Flowers and Blossoms in Victoria

The most obvious place to enjoy the beauty of spring in the Victoria area  is at Butchart Gardens.  This gorgeous place is  located about 45 minutes from downtown Victoria.   Butchart is known around the world. The sunken garden alone is worth the price of admission.

There are many other places to enjoy nature in Victoria.  Most of the viewing can be done for free. The first place to start at the Inner Harbour. 

The Empress Hotel, which overlooks the harbour, has beautiful gardens. They have a rose garden in the summer too.  The photo below was taken near the front entrance to the hotel. Tulips at the front entrance of the Empress HotelCredit: My own

Just a short walk south of the harbour is Beacon Hill Park. This park has flower gardens, ponds with plenty of ducks, and a petting zoo for the kids. The zoo has an admission by donation. There  is a giant watering can that sprays water in the summer time and is great fun for kids. The park has free concerts on Sunday in July and August.  Although most of the activities take place in the summer, the zoo is open in the spring and the park is loveliest at that time.  

The grounds of Government House, on Rockland Avenue close to downtown, are very lovely. There are walking trails where you also can enjoy flowers, trees and  views of the ocean. The gardens are open every day from dawn until dusk.

Elsewhere in Victoria, Finnerty Gardens, which is located on the grounds of the University of Victoria, has beautiful displays.   This is a very large area where you can spend a lot of time.  You will definitely want to have your camera with you.

Playfair Park, which is just off Quadra street and a short drive from downtown, has amazing rhododendrons.  They tend to peak at this park in late April or early May.

Spring Flowers at Butchart GardensCredit: My own

One of the most popular places for both tourists and residents are  the miles of ocean front on Dallas Road  This road becomes Beach Drive as it extends to the communities of Oak Bay and Uplands. There are magnificent waterfront homes here.  Most of them are worth millions of dollars.   It is nice to be able to say that much of the waterfront area is open for public access. You will see many beautiful floral displays and gardens on private property as well as public areas.  Landscaping is a big business in Victoria.  

If you don't want to drive, there are daily tour buses that leave from the Empress Hotel, as well as across the harbour near the legislative buildings. Horse drawn carriages take visitors to points of interest downtown.

I hope I have given you an idea of how lovely Victoria is. This is a friendly city.  Victoria residents are proud of their community and most are quite willing to give directions or advice to visitors.  We love to share our city with others.