You have designed a new landscape and you want to keep it looking fantastic for years to come. You are probably considering installing a sprinkler system to ensure that the plants and grass maintain the proper water levels for optimal health and appearance. Sprinkler heads and spray patterns will factor into the decisions that you make regarding a new sprinkler system. The size of your landscape, plant and soil type, and layout of your yard will determine which sprinkler heads and spray patterns are right for you.

Sprinkler Head Types

Sprinkler heads come in many different types and spray patterns. Each sprinkler head type serves a particular function or outcome. Some sprinkler heads will cover a large area were as others are plant specific. Basically, there are rotary, spray, and bubbler heads. These sprinkler heads are made for large, medium to small, and plant specific areas respectively. Within each group are different head designs that produce different spray patterns. So, let’s investigate further.

Rotary Sprinkler Heads

First, we will examine rotary sprinkler heads. Rotary sprinkler head are tailored to larger areas. These are adjustable sprinkler heads that shoot out a long stream of water. You have seen these rotating in half circles or in a complete circular motion spinning water in spurts of long distances around the yard. The are usually loud and make a clicking sound. They can be adjusted for distance to prevent overlapping or to keep water off of the driveway and roads. This type of sprinkler head requires higher pressure and they are great for slow draining soil and slopes. These systems can come in fixed or popup heads.

Spray Spinkler Heads

Next, we will look at spray sprinkler heads. These are better for maintaining medium sized to smaller lawns. These heads can be fixed or popup and they deliver a fine misty spray that is gentle to flowers. These sprinkler heads have a high application rate at a shorter distance so plan carefully as you are spacing these type of heads. You should note that the water delivery can change due to windy conditions due to the light mist. These are also low pressure systems that work great for thirsty soils. Their spray patterns consist of full, half, and quarter circles.

Bubbler Sprinkler Heads

Lastly, the bubbler sprinkle heads are great for shrubs and trees that don’t have the same needs and as a thirsty lawn. With these models you can get a partial arc to a full circle of mist for precise and deep watering down to the roots. Another reason this is great for trees is the water is not sprayed directly on the bark were any water pressure can damage the tree.

Now that you have a better understanding of sprinkler heads and spray patterns you should be able to pick a system that is right for you. Remember when choosing sprinkler heads that you should consider water pressure, lawn size, plant and soil types, overlapping distances, and surrounding structures. Mix and match sprayer types to fit each situation. Have a beautiful lawn and garden this spring.