Sprint Workouts

Sprint Workouts That Anyone Can Do

Sprint Training Program That is Highly Effective for Burning Calories

Sprint workouts are very effective for athletes training for a specific sport, as well as those who are simply looking to get into better shape.  Sprinting is when you're running at your fastest speed possible, which means it varies for each person.  One person may be able to jog faster than another person can sprint.  However, the main thing is that you're running as fast as you possibly can when doing your sprint workouts.

Reasons for Sprint Workouts
I believe that sprint workouts are the best for gaining speed and burning body fat.  The reason is you're going all out when you sprint, pushing yourself as hard as you can, rather than pacing yourself for a longer run.  There are many reasons for doing sprint workouts, such as:
-Build up and increase your speed
-Burn fat and calories
-Improve your cardiovascular fitness
-Sprinting has also been known to help when you run longer distances
-To challenge yourself

How many people do you know that go for a jog on a regular basis, but don't look like they're losing any weight?  If you go for a mile run every day, your body will eventually adapt to this exercise.  It becomes more efficient and doesn't burn as many calories as it did when you first started out running.  I've been doing sprint training for around 8 years and still feel challenged in every workout.

Sprint Workouts on a Track
If you have access to a track, either indoor or outdoor, it makes it easier to identify the distances that you're sprinting during your sprint workouts.  On an outdoor track, one lap is equal to 400 meters, which means both straightaways and both corners are each 100 meters.  On an indoor track, one lap is 200 meters.  If you're just starting out, I recommend starting with 50 meter sprints.  You can work your way up as you get in better shape.  The great thing is, it's easy to modify any of the sprint workout plans I have listed below.  If it's too hard, either take longer breaks or remove a couple sprints from the workout.  If you think the training plan is too easy, add some sprints to the end.  

Sprint Workout #1 - The Mile
-Start at the beginning of one of the straightaways on the track.
-Sprint 100 meters; this will take you to the beginning of the first turn.
-Jog for 100 meters, you can go as slow or as fast as you want.  This will take you to the beginning of the second straightaway.
-Sprint 100 meters, which will take you to the beginning of the final turn.
-Jog the final 100 meters.  At this point you've done 1 lap around the track, or 400 meters.
-Continue this for 3 more laps, which will bring your total distance to 4 laps, or 1 mile.
-Take a break; try to shoot for 3-5 minutes.
-Repeat one more time

Sprint Workout #2 - 100 meter sprints
-Sprint for 100 meters
-Turn around and walk or jog back to where you started
-Sprint again for 100 meters
-Walk/jog back again
-Continue until you've done 8 100 meter sprints
-Take a break
-Repeat one more time

Sprint Workout #3 - 200 meter sprints
-Sprint for 200 meters
-Turn around and walk or jog back to where you started
-Sprint again for 200 meters
-Walk jog back again
-Continue until you've done 6 200 meter sprints
-Take a break
-Repeat one more time

Outdoor Sprint Training
A lot of people don't have access to a track to do their sprint workouts.  There's countless places where you can do sprint workouts outside, you just have to get a little creative.  You can go to a park, find a hill, or just use the sidewalk.  I highly recommend doing uphill sprints.  You burn more calories because it's obviously harder to sprint up a hill than on a flat surface.

Outdoor Sprint Workout #1
-Find a park, soccer field, or some open space outside that you can use for your sprint workouts.
-If you're using a soccer field, start at one of the goals and sprint to the other one.  If you're at a park, an open field, or using the sidewalk, pick something out in the distance, such as a tree or mailbox.  You just need to be able to identify it easily.  Sprint to your target.
-Turn around and immediately sprint back to your starting point, that's one sprint.
-Take a 30 second break
-Repeat until you've finished 6 sprints.  If you think 6 sprints is too much, based on how far away your target is, you can decrease the number to 4.
-Take a break
-Repeat one more time

Outdoor Sprint Workout #2
-Find a hill that you can sprint up.  It may be a grass hill or you can use the sidewalk of a road that goes uphill.
-Sprint to the top of the hill
-Walk or jog back down
-Sprint back up the hill
-Walk or jog back down
-Repeat until you have finished 6 sprints
-Take a break
-Repeat one more time

Outdoor Sprint Workout #3
-You'll need a stopwatch for this.
-Sprint for 20 seconds
-Rest for 10 seconds but keep moving around
-Sprint again for 20 seconds
-Rest for 10 seconds
-You've now completed 1 minute, continue this for a total of 4 minutes.
-Take a break
-Repeat one more time
-This is one of the most challenging sprint workouts that I've ever done.  It only lasts 4 minutes, but you're sprinting longer than you're resting.  I wouldn't recommend this if you're just starting out.  It's one of the most effective sprint workouts to do when you're short on time.

Remember to warm up and cool down after each  of your sprint workouts to help prevent injury.  Please feel free to post any sprint workouts that have been effective for you.  The more options you have, the more likely it is that you'll stick with a particular exercise.  It doesn't matter how fast you're going when doing sprint training, only that you're going as fast as you can.