You do not have to pay a restaurant an extravagant amount of money simply to get gourmet food. You can make it yourself and it does not have to be expensive. Many people conjure up images of gourmet food as being expensive, not very filling, and hard to cook. This is far from the truth. If you go to a fancy restaurant then you probably will still be hungry after you pay for an expensive plate of food that has very little food on it. You do not need to be a professional chef to cook up gourmet food. Here are 10 foods that anyone can make at home. Instead of being recipes, this list is more guidance. Each person has different tastes, but these will get your mind thinking about how easy gourmet cooking at home is and that you can do it too.

Gourmet Pizza

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Real authentic pizza does not taste like the oily mess you get from Pizza Hut. I like Pizza Hut Pan Pizzas, but I much prefer to make my own pizza at home. I used to simply grill up some hamburger, and then add hamburger, pepperoni, cheese, and sauce. I rarely cook my pizza like that anymore.

I but the refrigerated pizza dough in the twisty can, but instead of nasty fat laden meats I buy more gourmet ingredients.  Instead of using pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce I will lightly oil the pizza dough with virgin olive oil. For toppings I like to add feta cheese, Swiss cheese, gorgonzola cheese and grilled pinions. When the pizza is done cooking in the oven I will top it off with fresh organic tomato slices.

You can make pizza this way very easily and use any toppings you want to. I prefer my own homemade gourmet pizza much more than Pizza from Papa John’s and other fast-food pizza restaurants. There are so many varieties you can make when you cook up gourmet pizza at home. Give it a try and experiment with some new toppings.



Many families make tacos on a regular basis. But generally they simply fry up some hamburger, throw in a package of store bought taco seasoning, add some water, and then stir them up. In order to make more authentic tasting tacos is actually pretty easy. Leave out the taco seasoning and then buy some fresh cilantro at your local grocery store. Cilantro is extremely cheap yet adds an abundance of flavor to any Mexican style food dish. After you fry up the hamburger leave out the taco seasoning. Add in a jar of salsa Verde sauce. This is the green sauce that is very popular. I prefer the Herdez brand of salsa Verde sauce, but there are many other brands that taste almost as good.

After you have added in the salsa Verde sauce to the tacos add some fresh cut onions. The onions cooked with the hamburger make it very tasty. After the onions are grilled up with the hamburger, add in the fresh cut cilantro. You can also add other seasonings and vegetables, but fresh cilantro and Herdez salsa Verde sauce is enough to quickly and easy make gourmet tacos that truly taste much better than using the cheap taco seasoning packets. You can also leave out the hard taco shells and use corn tortillas for a more authentic Mexican flavor and taste.

Shrimp Salad


Many families are in the habit of cutting up a head of lettuce and then drenching it with ranch flavored salad dressing. A gourmet style salad is not hard to make at home. There are endless varieties and the best thing to do is experiment with fresh vegetables and new ingredients to see what you like best. The following is a very simple salad recipe that people tend to love.

Cut up you lettuce and add it to a bowl. Cut up some fresh red onions and Roma tomatoes. Add the vegetables to the salad and then top the salad off with some pre-cooked baby shrimp. Take some of the spicy Montreal Steak Seasoning and lightly sprinkle a tiny bit on the top of the salad. You can now add your favorite salad dressing. I prefer blue cheese dressing but for this recipe I like to use an Oregano infused basil dressing oil. This is a very simple gourmet salad recipe, yet it tastes amazing.



A simple hamburger is a common thing for families to cook up for dinner. As an adult your tastes buds may develop and you will learn to appreciate finer tasting foods. If you have a desire for a super great tasting burger then this one is sure to become a family favorite.

Instead of using hamburger, buy some bison burger. Bison burger is much more expensive, yet it is very lean and very tasty. Buy some hamburger and mix about 10 percent of it into your bison meat to add some fat to it for further flavor. Now add some sausage. Your meat mixture will be about 85 percent bison, 10 percent beef hamburger, and 5 percent sausage. Mix it thoroughly and then press into patties. Once again pull out your spice Montreal Steak Seasoning and sprinkle over the top of the meat. Some people also prefer to mix in the Montreal Steak Seasoning with the meat mixture before they press the meat into burger patties.

Go ahead and cook the burger patties. Instead of using cheap hamburger buns, use some cheese encrusted butter buns. You can now top the burgers with fresh lettuce, guacamole slices, fresh Vidalia sweet onions, and cheese. I prefer to use Swiss cheese or provolone and will generally melt it on the meat before I remove the patties from the oven.

Cooking gourmet food does not need to be as complicated as they make it seem on the cooking channels. Oftentimes simply using high quality ingredients is enough to turn your generic meal into a great tasting gourmet style dinner that your family and friends are sure to love.