If you have a cedar chest in your home that is looking unusually weathered, adding a fresh coat of stain is an easy way to breathe new life into. A fresh coat of stain is also an inexpensive way to revitalize your furniture.

Before you apply the new stain to your cedar chest, the surface must first be primed. Grab a screwdriver and remove any hardware that may be decorating the chest. Use a zippered back to store the screws and hardware so that nothing is lost in the process of applying the new stain.

Using a fine piece of sandpaper carefully sand all of the exterior surfaces of the cedar chest. You should avoid applying any excessive force during this process. The last thing you want to do is create an uneven surface. Look for any jagged areas in the wood and carefully sand them down. Continue the sanding process until the entire exterior of the cedar chest is smooth.

Now the cedar chest is ready for a fresh coat of stain. Head to your local hardware store and browse through the available stains. You will quickly notice that there are several different brands and different types of stains. Select an oil-based stain in a color that suits your tastes. Make sure you grab a paint stirrer on the way out so you can thoroughly mix your stain before applying it to your cedar chest.

After your stain is mixed, you can begin the application process. Remember to take your time and evenly apply the stain to the surface of your cedar chest. Once the exterior has been coated with the stain, let the cedar chest sit untouched until the surface is completely dry.

Run your hands gently over the surface of the cedar chest. If you did a good job with the sanding, it should feel completely smooth. If you do come across any rough areas, you can still go back and very lightly sand them down.

Apply a second coat of stain to the interior of your cedar chest. After letting it dry completely, you can reattach any of the hardware you previously took off!

It is important to keep in mind that a stain should only be applied to the exterior surfaces of your cedar chest. In order to keep away moths and other bugs, it is important that the chest retains its cedar smell. A stain may interfere with this process and cripple the effectiveness of your cedar chest!