Now that the winter has well and truly arrived with a vengeance, the chances are you're sick and tired of the dark mornings and chilly temperatures. As any seasoned driver will no doubt know through bitter experience, winter is no friend of the motorist. Not only are the risks associated with driving considerably higher in winter than they are throughout the rest of the year, but just keeping your car up and running through the winter can be a not insignificant challenge in itself. That's why it's important to ensure that your car is in good condition, so that it's up to the challenges posed by the winter weather.

There are a few steps you can take to ensure that your car keeps on motoring through what's left of the winter. According to, you should check your car's fluids to ensure that everything is at the required level. Frequent oil level checks are particularly important and are worth carrying out on a weekly basis, if possible. It's worth remembering that low oil levels can cause significant damage to your car, and so you should make an extra effort to ensure that your car's oil doesn't fall below the minimum level.

Likewise, it's also important to ensure that your car's radiator has a sufficient amount of anti-freeze. Failing to do so could cause damage to its engine, which is likely to cost you significantly more than simply buying the anti-freeze would have done in the first place. Flat batteries are also particularly commonplace during the winter, accounting for around one-third of all repair call-outs. This is why you should try to ensure that you keep your battery use to as low a level as possible. Avoid using heaters, for example, unless absolutely necessary as this will run your battery down more than you need to.

In addition, suggests that it could be a good idea to buy a few accessories in the winter so that you can have more confidence your car will be up to the various challenges wintry conditions pose. Fitting your car with new tyres may be particularly worthwhile in the winter time.



Although it depends on what the climate is like where you live, you may benefit from investing in winter tyres, which can be very effective in helping your car maintain grip in difficult conditions. It may also turn out that investing in new wheels and tyres is more cost-effective than simply fitting your car's existing wheels with a new set of tyres. Check up on your paintwork too, a little car paint can save you from the nasty corrosion issues resulting from your cars unprotected bodywork being splashed with salt filled icy slush.

Also, it's worth checking your car's windscreen wiper blades to see whether they're still capable of withstanding another winter. Wiper blades tend to have a lifespan of around a year, and cold winter weather can soon start to take its toll. The blades can start to become less effective, which can make matters more difficult for you when you're trying to maintain visibility as you drive. Furthermore, you should ensure that you keep a small survival kit with you in the car, particularly if you're planning on making a long journey. The weather is generally unpredictable, and you never know when you might find yourself stranded, or for how long. These simple steps are just some of the things you can do to ensure you and your car are better prepared for the New Year.